power: tps80031: battery-gauge: register as mfd sub device
[linux-2.6.git] / drivers / mfd / Makefile
2012-08-02 Venu Byravarasu mfd: tps65090: align driver with mainline
2012-07-03 Graeme Gregory mfd: palmas PMIC device support Kconfig
2012-03-23 Laxman Dewangan mfd: Add support for RICOH PMIC RC5T583
2012-01-13 venu byravarasu mfd: TPS65090: Add PMIC support
2011-12-01 syed rafiuddin mfd: tps80031-gpadc: Add gpadc driver
2011-12-01 Laxman Dewangan mfd: ricoh583: Add core driver
2011-12-01 Jin Park mfd: Add MAX77663 mfd driver
2011-12-01 Laxman Dewangan arm: mfd/regulator: Adding driver for tps80031
2011-12-01 Laxman Dewangan [ARM] tps6591x: Adding regulator and mfd driver
2011-12-01 Tom Cherry max8907c MFD driver: add second i2c bus and irq handling
2011-12-01 Jin Park Regulators: Add max8907c and max8952
2011-07-31 Jin Park mfd: Add AAT2870 mfd driver
2011-07-31 Linus Walleij mfd: Move TPS55910 Kconfig option
2011-07-31 Margarita Olaya tps65912: irq: add interrupt controller
2011-07-31 Margarita Olaya mfd: tps65912: Add new mfd device
2011-07-31 Mark Brown mfd: Refactor wm831x AUXADC handling into a separate...
2011-07-27 Linus Torvalds Merge branch 'next/devel2' of git://git./linux/kernel...
2011-07-05 Axel Lin mfd: Add Makefile and Kconfig Entries for tps65911...
2011-07-04 Misael Lopez Cruz mfd: twl6040: Add initial support
2011-07-04 Peter Ujfalusi MFD: twl4030-codec -> twl4030-audio: Rename the driver
2011-05-27 Jorge Eduardo Cand... GPIO: TPS65910: Move driver to drivers/gpio/
2011-05-27 Graeme Gregory TPS65910: IRQ: Add interrupt controller
2011-05-27 Graeme Gregory TPS65910: GPIO: Add GPIO driver
2011-05-27 Graeme Gregory MFD: TPS65910: Add new mfd device for TPS65910
2011-05-26 Abhijeet Dharmapurikar mfd: Add pm8xxx irq support
2011-05-26 Abhijeet Dharmapurikar mfd: Add Qualcomm PMIC 8921 core driver
2011-05-24 Linus Walleij mfd: add DB5500 PRCMU driver
2011-05-24 Linus Walleij mach-ux500: move the DB8500 PRCMU driver to MFD
2011-03-29 Linus Torvalds Merge branch 'for-linus' of git://git./linux/kernel...
2011-03-26 MyungJoo Ham mfd: Add MAX8997/8966 IRQ control
2011-03-25 Guennadi Liakhovetski mmc: tmio: convert the SDHI MMC driver from MFD to...
2011-03-23 Linus Walleij mfd: Add a core driver for TI TPS61050/TPS61052 chips v2
2011-03-23 MyungJoo Ham mfd: MAX8997/8966 support
2011-03-23 Keerthy mfd: Add twl4030 madc driver
2011-03-23 Arun Murthy mfd: Add new ab8500 GPADC driver
2011-03-23 Mattias Nilsson mfd: AB8500 system control driver
2011-03-18 Linus Torvalds Merge branch 'devel-stable' of /home/rmk/linux-2.6-arm
2011-03-15 Cyril Chemparathy mfd: add driver for sequencer serial port
2011-03-01 Keshava Munegowda usb: host: omap: common usb host core driver
2011-01-14 Sundar Iyer mfd/ab8500: remove spi support
2011-01-14 Andres Salomon mfd: Add cs5535-mfd driver for AMD Geode's CS5535/CS553...
2011-01-07 Linus Torvalds Merge branch 'v4l_for_linus' of git://git./linux/kernel...
2010-12-29 Matti Aaltonen [media] MFD: WL1273 FM Radio: MFD driver for the FM...
2010-12-19 Sundar Iyer mfd/tc35892: rename tc35892 core driver to tc3589x
2010-10-28 Mark Brown mfd: Add WM831x SPI support
2010-10-28 Mark Brown mfd: Factor out WM831x I2C I/O from the core driver
2010-10-28 Uwe Kleine-König mfd: Add mc13892 support to mc13xxx
2010-10-28 Daniel Drake mfd: Add VIA VX855 multi-function device support
2010-10-28 Mattias Wallin mfd: AB8500 register access via PRCMU I2C
2010-10-28 Mattias Wallin mfd: AB8500 debugfs
2010-10-28 Joonyoung Shim mfd: Add MAX8998 interrupts support
2010-08-12 Linus Torvalds Merge branch 'for-linus' of git://git./linux/kernel...
2010-08-12 Mike Rapoport mfd: Add TPS6586x driver
2010-08-12 Hemanth V mfd: Add support for TWL6030 PWM
2010-08-12 Lars-Peter Clausen mfd: Add JZ4740 ADC driver
2010-08-12 Rabin Vincent mfd: Add STMPE I/O Expander support
2010-08-11 Kyungmin Park drivers: regulator: add Maxim 8998 driver
2010-05-27 Rabin Vincent mfd: New AB8500 driver
2010-05-27 Lars-Peter Clausen mfd: Move pcf50633 irq related functions to its own...
2010-05-27 Lars-Peter Clausen mfd: Use threaded irq for pcf50633
2010-05-27 Mattias Wallin mfd: AB3550 core driver
2010-05-27 Mattias Wallin mfd: AB3100 register access change to abx500 API
2010-05-27 Rabin Vincent mfd: Add Toshiba's TC35892 MFD core
2010-05-27 Todd Fischer mfd: Add TPS6507x support
2010-05-27 Ira W. Snyder mfd: Janz CMOD-IO PCI MODULbus Carrier Board support
2010-05-27 Florian Fainelli mfd: Add support for the RDC321x southbridge
2010-04-05 Mark Brown mfd: Add WM8994 interrupt controller support
2010-03-12 Miguel Aguilar MFD: DaVinci Voice Codec
2010-03-07 Denis Turischev mfd: Introduce lpc_sch for Intel SCH LPC bridge
2010-03-07 Mark Brown mfd: Add initial WM8994 support
2010-03-07 Cory Maccarrone mfd: Add HTCPLD driver
2010-03-07 Haojian Zhuang mfd: Initial max8925 support
2010-03-07 Haojian Zhuang mfd: Rename 88pm8607 to 88pm860x in mfd
2010-03-07 Haojian Zhuang mfd: Split 88pm8607 driver
2010-02-26 Richard Röjfors V4L/DVB: mfd: Add support for the timberdale FPGA
2010-01-29 Dmitry Artamonow mfd: Fix asic3 build
2010-01-18 Ian Molton mfd: tmio_mmc hardware abstraction for CNF area
2009-12-13 Balaji T K mfd: Add support for twl6030 irq framework
2009-12-13 Santosh Shilimkar mfd: Rename twl4030* driver files to enable re-use
2009-12-13 Mark Brown mfd: Split wm8350 IRQ code into a separate file
2009-12-13 Michael Hennerich mfd: Add ADP5520/ADP5501 driver
2009-12-13 Srinidhi Kasagar mfd: add AB4500 driver
2009-12-13 Haojian Zhuang mfd: Add 88PM8607 driver
2009-12-10 Linus Torvalds Merge git://git./linux/kernel/git/lethal/sh-2.6
2009-11-22 Peter Ujfalusi MFD: twl4030: add twl4030_codec MFD as a new child...
2009-10-26 Magnus Damm mfd: Add SuperH Mobile SDHI platform driver
2009-10-25 Peter Ujfalusi MFD: twl4030: add twl4030_codec MFD as a new child...
2009-09-17 Amit Kucheria mfd: Add support for TWL4030/5030 dynamic power switching
2009-09-17 Linus Walleij mfd: AB3100 OTP readout
2009-09-17 Sascha Hauer mfd: Add Freescale MC13783 driver
2009-09-17 Mark Brown mfd: Hook WM831x into build system
2009-06-17 Daniel Ribeiro mfd: add PCAP driver
2009-06-17 Linus Walleij mfd: add U300 AB3100 core support
2009-01-11 Balaji Rao mfd: PCF50633 gpio support
2009-01-11 Balaji Rao mfd: PCF50633 adc driver
2009-01-11 Balaji Rao mfd: PCF50633 core driver
2009-01-04 David Brownell mfd: move drivers/i2c/chips/menelaus.c to drivers/mfd
2009-01-04 David Brownell mfd: move drivers/i2c/chips/tps65010.c to drivers/mfd
2009-01-04 David Brownell mfd: dm355evm msp430 driver
2008-10-24 Samuel Ortiz mfd: add missing Kconfig entry for da903x