[SCSI] iscsi: break up session creation into two stages
[linux-2.6.git] / drivers / message /
2006-06-28 James Bottomley Merge ../linux-2.6/
2006-06-28 Eric Moore [SCSI] mptsas: Adding 1078 ROC support
2006-06-28 Eric Moore [SCSI] mptsas: wide port support
2006-06-28 Eric Moore [SCSI] fusion : mpi header update
2006-06-28 Adrian Bunk [PATCH] drivers/message/i2o/iop.c: unexport i2o_msg_nop()
2006-06-28 Jesper Juhl [PATCH] Remove redundant NULL checks before [kv]free...
2006-06-21 Linus Torvalds Merge /pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/jejb/scsi-misc-2.6
2006-06-20 David S. Miller [SPARC]: Kill __irq_itoa().
2006-06-10 Christoph Hellwig [SCSI] remove scsi_request infrastructure
2006-06-10 Michael Reed [SCSI] mptfusion: change driver revision to 3.03.10
2006-06-10 Michael Reed [SCSI] mptfc: abort of board reset leaves port dead...
2006-06-10 Michael Reed [SCSI] mptfc: fix fibre channel infinite request/respon...
2006-06-10 Michael Reed [SCSI] mptfc: set fibre channel fw target missing timer...
2006-06-10 Michael Reed [SCSI] mptfusion: move fc event/reset handling to mptfc
2006-06-10 James Bottomley Merge ../linux-2.6
2006-06-10 Linus Torvalds Merge /pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/davem/sparc-2.6
2006-06-10 Markus Lidel [PATCH] I2O: Bugfixes to get I2O working again
2006-06-10 Tom "spot" Callaway [FUSION]: Fix mptspi.c build with CONFIG_PM not set.
2006-05-31 Vivek Goyal [SCSI] kdump: mpt fusion driver initialization failure fix
2006-05-19 James Bottomley [SCSI] mptspi: reset handler shouldn't be called for...
2006-05-10 mdr@sgi.com [SCSI] mptfc: race between mptfc_register_dev and mptfc...
2006-05-03 Eric Moore [SCSI] mptspi: revalidate negotiation parameters after...
2006-04-27 Eric Moore [SCSI] fusion - bug fix stack overflow in mptbase
2006-04-25 Moore, Eric [SCSI] - fusion - mptfc bug fix's to prevent deadlock...
2006-04-25 Moore, Eric [SCSI] mptfusion: bug fix's for raid components adding...
2006-04-14 Moore, Eric [SCSI] mptfusion - fix panic in mptsas_slave_configure
2006-03-28 Arjan van de Ven [PATCH] mark f_ops const in the inode
2006-03-26 Matthew Dobson [PATCH] mempool: use mempool_create_slab_pool()
2006-03-25 Vasily Averin [PATCH] i2o_dump_hrt() output cleanup
2006-03-19 James Bottomley [SCSI] convert mptsas over to end_device/expander alloc...
2006-03-14 Moore, Eric [SCSI] fusion - bump version
2006-03-14 Moore, Eric [SCSI] fusion - expander hotplug suport in mptsas module
2006-03-14 Moore, Eric [SCSI] fusion - exposing raid components in mptsas
2006-03-14 Moore, Eric [SCSI] fusion - memory leak, and initializing fields
2006-03-14 Moore, Eric [SCSI] fusion - exclosure misspelled
2006-03-14 Moore, Eric [SCSI] fusion - cleanup mptsas event handling functions
2006-03-14 Moore, Eric [SCSI] fusion - removing target_id/bus_id from the...
2006-03-14 Moore, Eric [SCSI] fusion - static fix's
2006-03-14 Moore, Eric [SCSI] fusion - move some debug firmware event debug...
2006-03-14 Moore, Eric [SCSI] fusion - loginfo header update
2006-03-12 James Bottomley [SCSI] mptscsih: remove unused page 1 setting function
2006-03-12 Vasily Averin [SCSI] i2o: fix memory leak in i2o_exec_lct_modified
2006-03-01 James Bottomley [SCSI] mptspi: Add transport class Domain Validation
2006-02-28 Christoph Hellwig [SCSI] mptsas: add support for enclosure and bay identi...
2006-02-28 Adrian Bunk [SCSI] drivers/message/fusion/mptfc.c: make 2 functions...
2006-02-28 Moore, Eric [SCSI] fusion - mptlan - remove wierd humor print
2006-02-16 Linus Torvalds Merge /linux/kernel/git/jejb/scsi-rc-fixes-2.6
2006-02-05 Markus Lidel [PATCH] Fix i2o_scsi oops on abort
2006-02-04 Moore, Eric [SCSI] fusion - mptctl -adding asyn event notification...
2006-02-04 Moore, Eric [SCSI] fusion - mptctl -firmware download fix
2006-02-04 Moore, Eric [SCSI] fusion - mptctl - backplane istwi fix
2006-02-04 Moore, Eric [SCSI] fusion - mptctl -sense width fix
2006-02-04 Moore, Eric [SCSI] fusion - mptctl - Event Log Fix
2006-02-04 Moore, Eric [SCSI] fusion - mtctl - change to wait_event_timeout
2006-02-04 Moore, Eric [SCSI] fusion - mptctl - adding support for bus_type=SAS
2006-02-04 Moore, Eric [SCSI] fusion - mptctl - MPTCOMMAND - adding function...
2006-02-03 Markus Lidel [PATCH] I2O: fix and workaround for Motorola/Freescale...
2006-02-03 Markus Lidel [PATCH] I2O: don't disable PCI device if it is enabled...
2006-01-31 Moore, Eric [SCSI] fusion: add message sanity check
2006-01-31 Moore, Eric [SCSI] fusion: unloading the driver - only set asyn...
2006-01-31 Moore, Eric [SCSI] fusion: unloading the driver results in panic...
2006-01-31 Christoph Hellwig [SCSI] mptsas: don't complain on bogus slave_alloc...
2006-01-31 Moore, Eric [SCSI] fusion: add task managment response code info
2006-01-31 Christoph Hellwig [SCSI] fusion: add MSI support
2006-01-31 Moore, Eric [SCSI] fusion: overrun tape fix
2006-01-31 Moore, Eric [SCSI] fusion: add verbose messages for RAID actions
2006-01-31 Moore, Eric [SCSI] fusion: increase reply frame size from 0x40...
2006-01-31 Christoph Hellwig [SCSI] fusion: setting timeouts in eh threads appropiat...
2006-01-31 Moore, Eric [SCSI] fusion: mptsas, increase discovery timout to...
2006-01-31 Moore, Eric [SCSI] fusion: spi bus reset when driver loads
2006-01-31 James Bottomley [SCSI] fusion: fix compile
2006-01-31 Moore, Eric [SCSI] fusion: bump version
2006-01-31 Michael Reed [SCSI] fusion: FC rport code fixes
2006-01-31 Moore, Eric [SCSI] fusion: move sas persistent event handling over...
2006-01-31 Moore, Eric [SCSI] fusion: target reset when drive is being removed
2006-01-31 Moore, Eric [SCSI] fusion: add support for raid hot add/del support
2006-01-15 Arjan van de Ven [PATCH] Unlinline a bunch of other functions
2006-01-14 James Bottomley [SCSI] mptfc: need to select transport attrs
2006-01-14 Moore, Eric [SCSI] fusion - fix pci express bug
2006-01-14 Moore, Eric [SCSI] fusion - mpi header udpate
2006-01-14 Moore, Eric [SCSI] fusion - adding raid support in mptsas
2006-01-14 Moore, Eric [SCSI] fusion - adding support for FC949ES
2006-01-14 Michael Reed [SCSI] mptfusion - fc transport attributes
2006-01-14 James Bottomley [SCSI] fix up message/i2o/pci.c
2006-01-14 Christoph Hellwig [SCSI] fusion: kzalloc / kcalloc conversion
2006-01-14 Christoph Hellwig [SCSI] fusion: convert semaphores to mutexes
2006-01-14 Christoph Hellwig [SCSI] mptsas: support basic hotplug
2006-01-14 Salyzyn, Mark [SCSI] I2O: move pci_request_regions() just behind...
2006-01-10 Christoph Hellwig [PATCH] don't include ioctl32.h in drivers
2006-01-09 Adrian Bunk spelling: s/retreive/retrieve/
2006-01-09 Christoph Hellwig [PATCH] Add block_device_operations.getgeo block device...
2006-01-06 Linus Torvalds Merge branch 'post-2.6.15' of git://brick.kernel.dk...
2006-01-06 Markus Lidel [PATCH] I2O: Lindent run
2006-01-06 Markus Lidel [PATCH] I2O: Optimizing
2006-01-06 Markus Lidel [PATCH] I2O: Beautifying
2006-01-06 Markus Lidel [PATCH] I2O: Bugfixes
2006-01-06 Markus Lidel [PATCH] I2O: Remove wrong I2O device class
2006-01-06 Markus Lidel [PATCH] I2O: SPARC fixes
2006-01-06 Markus Lidel [PATCH] I2O: changed I2O API to create I2O messages...
2006-01-06 Tejun Heo [BLOCK] add @uptodate to end_that_request_last() and...