media: soc_camera: tegra: fix one building warning
[linux-2.6.git] / drivers / macintosh / Kconfig
2010-12-02 Johannes Berg leds: fix up dependencies
2010-10-28 Jean Delvare Move ams driver to macintosh
2010-01-30 Dmitry Torokhov Input: Mac button emulation - allow compiling as a...
2010-01-30 Dmitry Torokhov Input: Mac button emulation - implement as an input...
2009-04-22 Alexander Beregalov powerpc: Make macintosh/mediabay driver depend on CONFI...
2009-01-06 Frederik Schwarzer trivial: fix an -> a typos in documentation and comments
2008-04-29 √Čtienne Bersac [POWERPC] windfarm: Add PowerMac 12,1 support
2007-10-13 Dmitry Torokhov Merge /pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/torvalds/linux-2.6
2007-09-26 Andreas Herrmann Input: auto-select INPUT for MAC_EMUMOUSEBTN option
2007-08-18 Jan Engelhardt Add some help texts to recently-introduced kconfig...
2007-06-23 Olaf Hering x86_64: Fix only make Macintosh drivers default on...
2007-06-20 Andi Kleen x86: Only make Macintosh drivers default on Macs
2007-06-02 Johannes Berg [POWERPC] Don't allow PMAC_APM_EMU for 64-bit
2007-05-23 Kumar Gala [POWERPC] Fix Kconfig warning
2007-05-09 David Sterba Fix trivial typos in Kconfig* files
2007-05-02 Jan Engelhardt [POWERPC] Use menuconfig objects II - Macintosh
2007-05-02 Johannes Berg [POWERPC] apm_emu: Use generic apm-emulation
2007-02-09 Soeren Sonnenburg [PATCH] enable mouse button 2+3 emulation for x86 macs
2006-12-08 Dmitry Torokhov Merge /pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/torvalds/linux-2.6
2006-12-04 Benjamin Herrenschmidt [POWERPC] Xserve cpu-meter driver
2006-11-17 Stelian Pop Input: MAC mouse button emulation - relax dependencies
2006-10-03 Matt LaPlante Fix several typos in drivers/
2006-07-31 Linus Torvalds Merge branch 'merge' of git://git./linux/kernel/git...
2006-07-31 Michael Hanselmann [PATCH] powermac: More powermac backlight fixes
2006-07-28 Danny van Dyk [POWERPC] PMAC_APM_EMU should depend on ADB_PMU
2006-07-25 Johannes Berg [POWERPC] fix up front-LED Kconfig
2006-07-10 Michael Hanselmann [PATCH] powermac: Combined fixes for backlight code
2006-07-07 Johannes Berg [POWERPC] fix up front-LED Kconfig
2006-06-28 Paul Mackerras [POWERPC] Make sure we select CONFIG_NEW_LEDS if ADB_PM...
2006-06-28 Johannes Berg [POWERPC] Convert powermac ide blink to new led infrast...
2006-06-25 Michael Hanselmann [PATCH] Rewritten backlight infrastructure for portable...
2006-06-23 Al Viro [PATCH] m68k: windfarm is powerpc-only, don't do it...
2006-02-08 Linus Torvalds ppc: fix up trivial Kconfig config selection
2006-02-08 Benjamin Herrenschmidt [PATCH] powerpc: Thermal control for dual core G5s
2006-01-09 Benjamin Herrenschmidt [PATCH] 2/5 powerpc: Rework PowerMac i2c part 2
2005-11-08 Benjamin Herrenschmidt [PATCH] ppc64: Thermal control for SMU based machines
2005-08-24 Al Viro [PATCH] Kconfig fix (PMAC_BACKLIGHT on ppc64)
2005-07-27 Olaf Hering [PATCH] ppc64: hide CONFIG_ADB
2005-06-27 Benjamin Herrenschmidt [PATCH] ppc32: Remove CONFIG_PMAC_PBOOK
2005-06-27 Benjamin Herrenschmidt [PATCH] ppc32: remove obsolete macserial driver
2005-04-16 Linus Torvalds Linux-2.6.12-rc2