Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/dev/k3.3-rc1-iommu' into android-tegra-nv-3.1
[linux-2.6.git] / drivers / iommu / Kconfig
2012-02-01 Rohan Somvanshi Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/dev/k3.3-rc1-iommu...
2012-01-30 Hiroshi DOYU iommu/tegra: gart: Disabled as default in Kconfig
2012-01-23 Hiroshi DOYU ARM: IOMMU: Tegra20: Add iommu_ops for GART driver
2012-01-23 Joerg Roedel iommu/amd: Implement notifiers for IOMMUv2
2012-01-23 Joerg Roedel iommu/amd: Add driver stub for AMD IOMMUv2 support
2012-01-23 Joerg Roedel iommu/amd: Add support for IOMMUv2 domain mode
2012-01-23 Suresh Siddha iommu: Rename the DMAR and INTR_REMAP config options
2012-01-23 Joerg Roedel iommu/omap: Fix build error with !IOMMU_SUPPORT
2012-01-23 Ohad Ben-Cohen iommu: omap: add Kconfig OMAP dependency
2012-01-23 Ohad Ben-Cohen omap: iommu/iovmm: move to dedicated iommu folder
2012-01-12 Hiroshi DOYU arm: IOMMU: Tegra30: Add iommu_ops for SMMU driver
2011-06-21 Joerg Roedel iommu: Move iommu Kconfig entries to submenu
2011-06-21 Ohad Ben-Cohen x86/ia64: intel-iommu: move to drivers/iommu/
2011-06-21 Ohad Ben-Cohen x86: amd_iommu: move to drivers/iommu/
2011-06-21 Ohad Ben-Cohen msm: iommu: move to drivers/iommu/
2011-06-14 Ohad Ben-Cohen drivers: iommu: move to a dedicated folder