IPoIB: Handle case when P_Key is deleted and re-added at same index
[linux-2.6.git] / drivers / infiniband / ulp /
2008-04-17 Roland Dreier IPoIB: Handle case when P_Key is deleted and re-added...
2008-04-17 Erez Zilber IB/iser: Release connection resources on RDMA_CM_EVENT_...
2008-04-17 Eli Cohen IPoIB: Support modifying IPoIB CQ event moderation
2008-04-17 Eli Cohen IPoIB: Add basic ethtool support
2008-04-17 Eli Cohen IPoIB: Add LSO support
2008-04-17 Robert P. J. Day IB: Use shorter list_splice_init() for brevity
2008-04-17 David Dillow IB/srp: Enforce protocol limit on srp_sg_tablesize
2008-04-17 Eli Cohen IPoIB: Use checksum offload support if available
2008-03-12 Roland Dreier IPoIB: Allocate priv->tx_ring with vmalloc()
2008-03-12 Roland Dreier IPoIB/cm: Set tx_wr.num_sge in connected mode post_send()
2008-03-11 Or Gerlitz IPoIB: Don't drop multicast sends when they can be...
2008-03-11 Arne Redlich IB/iser: Handle iser_device allocation error gracefully
2008-03-11 Arne Redlich IB/iser: Fix list iteration bug
2008-02-19 Pradeep Satyanarayana IPoIB/cm: Fix ipoib_cm_dev_stop() cleanup when drain...
2008-02-14 Eli Cohen IPoIB: Remove unused struct ipoib_cm_tx.ibwc member
2008-02-14 Jack Morgenstein IPoIB: On P_Key change event, reset state properly
2008-02-08 Eli Cohen IPoIB: Add send gather support
2008-02-08 Eli Cohen IPoIB: Add high DMA feature flag
2008-02-05 David Dillow IB/srp: Retry stale connections
2008-02-05 Or Gerlitz IPoIB: Remove a misleading debug print
2008-02-05 Or Gerlitz IPoIB: Handle bonding failover race for connected neigh...
2008-01-30 James Bottomley [SCSI] remove use_sg_chaining
2008-01-26 Linus Torvalds Merge git://git./linux/kernel/git/jejb/scsi-misc-2.6
2008-01-25 Jan Engelhardt IPoIB: Constify seq_operations function pointer tables
2008-01-25 Krishna Kumar IPoIB: Remove redundant check of netif_queue_stopped...
2008-01-25 Erez Zilber IB/iser: Add change_queue_depth method
2008-01-25 Erez Zilber IB/iser: Print information about unhandled RDMA CM...
2008-01-25 David Dillow IB/srp: Add identifying information to log messages
2008-01-25 Pradeep Satyanarayana IPoIB/CM: Enable SRQ support on HCAs that support fewer...
2008-01-25 David Dillow IB/srp: Enable SG list chaining
2008-01-25 David Dillow IB/srp: Respect target credit limit
2008-01-25 Rolf Manderscheid IPoIB: improve IPv4/IPv6 to IB mcast mapping functions
2008-01-25 Oliver Pinter IB/iser: Typo fix (s/destory/destroy/)
2008-01-25 Erez Zilber IB/iser: update URLs of iSER docs
2008-01-25 Joe Perches drivers/infiniband: Add missing "space"
2008-01-25 Pradeep Satyanarayana IPoIB/cm: Add connected mode support for devices withou...
2008-01-25 Roland Dreier IPoIB/cm: Factor out ipoib_cm_free_rx_reap_list()
2008-01-25 Roland Dreier IPoIB/cm: Factor out ipoib_cm_create_srq()
2008-01-25 Roland Dreier IPoIB/cm: Factor out ipoib_cm_free_rx_ring()
2008-01-25 Roland Dreier IPoIB: Trivial formatting cleanups
2008-01-23 Erez Zilber [SCSI] IB/iSER: add logical unit reset support
2008-01-12 Olaf Kirch [SCSI] iscsi: convert xmit path to iscsi chunks
2008-01-12 Mike Christie [SCSI] libiscsi: fix nop handling
2008-01-12 Mike Christie [SCSI] libiscsi: do not block session during logout
2008-01-12 Boaz Harrosh [SCSI] libiscsi,iser: patch for AHS support
2008-01-12 Mike Christie [SCSI] libiscsi, iscsi_tcp: add device support
2008-01-08 Dave Dillow IB/srp: Release transport before removing host
2008-01-03 David Dillow IB/srp: Fix list corruption/oops on module reload
2007-11-27 Jack Morgenstein IPoIB: Fix oops if xmit is called when priv->broadcast...
2007-11-24 Erez Zilber IB/iser: Add missing counter increment in iser_data_buf...
2007-10-26 Roland Dreier IPoIB/cm: Fix receive QP cleanup
2007-10-23 Linus Torvalds Merge branch 'for-linus' of git://git./linux/kernel...
2007-10-22 Jens Axboe [SG] Update drivers to use sg helpers
2007-10-20 Michael S. Tsirkin IPoIB/cm: Use common CQ for CM send completions
2007-10-18 Roland Dreier IPoIB: Rewrite "if (!likely(...))" as "if (unlikely...
2007-10-16 Anton Blanchard IPoIB: Use round_jiffies() for ah_reap_task
2007-10-16 Jens Axboe infiniband: sg chaining support
2007-10-15 Moni Shoua IB/ipoib: Verify address handle validity on send
2007-10-15 Moni Shoua IB/ipoib: Bound the net device to the ipoib_neigh structue
2007-10-15 Linus Torvalds Merge /pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/jejb/scsi-misc-2.6
2007-10-12 FUJITA Tomonori [SCSI] transport_srp: add rport roles attribute
2007-10-12 FUJITA Tomonori [SCSI] ib_srp: convert to use the srp transport class
2007-10-12 Linus Torvalds Merge branch 'for-linus' of git://git./linux/kernel...
2007-10-10 Roland Dreier IPoIB: Fix unused variable warning
2007-10-10 Roland Dreier [IPoIB]: Convert to netdevice internal stats
2007-10-10 Stephen Hemminger [NET]: Move hardware header operations out of netdevice.
2007-10-10 Ralf Baechle [NET]: Nuke SET_MODULE_OWNER macro.
2007-10-10 Stephen Hemminger [NET]: Make NAPI polling independent of struct net_devi...
2007-10-10 Or Gerlitz IPoIB: Allow setting policy to ignore multicast groups
2007-10-10 Dotan Barak IPoIB/cm: Clean up initialization of QP attr in ipoib_c...
2007-10-10 Roland Dreier IB/iser: Remove unnecessary includes
2007-10-10 Sean Hefty IB/srp: Add QoS support through service ID
2007-10-10 Sean Hefty IPoIB: Specify Traffic Class with path record queries...
2007-10-10 Eli Cohen IPoIB: Fix error path memory leak
2007-10-10 Eli Cohen IPoIB: Fix typo to end statement with ';' instead of ','
2007-10-10 Roland Dreier IPoIB: Make sure no receives are handled when stopping...
2007-08-07 Jack Morgenstein IPoIB: Fix leak in ipoib_transport_dev_init() error...
2007-08-03 Raghava Kondapalli IB/srp: Add OUI for new Cisco targets
2007-08-03 Roland Dreier IB/srp: Wrap OUI checking for workarounds in helper...
2007-07-27 Mike Christie [SCSI] iscsi_tcp, ib_iser Enable module refcounting...
2007-07-20 Paul Mundt mm: Remove slab destructors from kmem_cache_create().
2007-07-18 Roland Dreier IB/iser: Make a couple of functions static
2007-07-15 Linus Torvalds Merge /pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/jejb/scsi-misc-2.6
2007-07-11 Sean Hefty IB/cm: Include HCA ACK delay in local ACK timeout
2007-07-10 Roland Dreier IPoIB: Recycle loopback skbs instead of freeing and...
2007-07-10 Roland Dreier IPoIB/cm: Fix warning if IPV6 is not enabled
2007-07-10 Jan Engelhardt IB: Use menuconfig for InfiniBand menu
2007-07-03 Ralph Campbell IPoIB/cm: Partial error clean up unmaps wrong address
2007-06-21 Roland Dreier IPoIB/cm: Remove dead definition of struct ipoib_cm_id
2007-06-21 Michael S. Tsirkin IPoIB/cm: Fix interoperability when MTU doesn't match
2007-06-21 Michael S. Tsirkin IPoIB/cm: Initialize RX before moving QP to RTR
2007-06-19 FUJITA Tomonori [SCSI] iscsi_iser: convert to use the data buffer accessors
2007-06-07 FUJITA Tomonori [SCSI] ib_srp: convert to use the data buffer accessors
2007-06-02 Mike Christie [SCSI] iscsi class, iscsi_tcp, iser, qla4xxx: add netde...
2007-06-02 Mike Christie [SCSI] libiscsi: make can_queue configurable
2007-06-02 Mike Christie [SCSI] libiscsi: fix iscsi cmdsn allocation
2007-06-01 Mike Christie [SCSI] iscsi class, iscsi_tcp, ib_iser: add sysfs chap...
2007-06-01 Mike Christie [SCSI] iscsi: Some fixes in preparation for bidirection...
2007-06-01 Mike Christie [SCSI] iscsi class, qla4xxx, iscsi_tcp, ib_iser: export...
2007-06-01 Mike Christie [SCSI] libiscsi, iscsi_tcp, ib_iser : add sw iscsi...