video: tegra: add GPU memory management driver (nvmap)
[linux-2.6.git] / drivers / ide / ide-acpi.c
2010-11-22 Mariusz Kozlowski ide: fix use after free in ide-acpi
2010-03-30 Tejun Heo include cleanup: Update gfp.h and slab.h includes to...
2010-01-28 Lin Ming ACPI: replace acpi_integer by u64
2009-08-27 Bob Moore ACPICA: Major update for acpi_get_object_info external...
2009-06-30 Bartlomiej Zolnier... ide: fix resume for CONFIG_BLK_DEV_IDEACPI=y
2009-04-08 Sergei Shtylyov ide: simplify 'struct ide_taskfile'
2009-04-08 Sergei Shtylyov ide: replace IDE_TFLAG_* flags by IDE_VALID_*
2009-03-27 Bartlomiej Zolnier... ide: remove ide_task_t typedef
2009-03-24 Bartlomiej Zolnier... ide-acpi: remove taskfile_load_raw()
2009-03-24 Bartlomiej Zolnier... ide-acpi: cleanup do_drive_set_taskfiles()
2009-03-24 Bartlomiej Zolnier... ide-acpi: cleanup do_drive_get_GTF()
2009-03-24 Bartlomiej Zolnier... ide: sanitize ACPI initialization
2009-03-24 Bartlomiej Zolnier... ide: add ide_for_each_present_dev() iterator
2009-03-24 Bartlomiej Zolnier... ide-acpi: init ACPI handles early for devices
2009-03-24 Bartlomiej Zolnier... ide-acpi: no need to zero ->acpidata for devices
2009-02-02 Kay Sievers ide: struct device - replace bus_id with dev_name(...
2009-01-09 Len Brown Merge branch 'linus' into release
2009-01-06 Bartlomiej Zolnier... ide: add port and host iterators
2009-01-06 Bartlomiej Zolnier... ide: dynamic allocation of device structures
2009-01-06 Bartlomiej Zolnier... ide: remove HWIF() macro
2008-12-31 Lin Ming ACPI: remove private acpica headers from driver files
2008-12-29 Bartlomiej Zolnier... ide: fix IDE ACPI regression breaking suspend
2008-10-13 Bartlomiej Zolnier... ide: add device flags
2008-10-10 Bartlomiej Zolnier... ide: make drive->id an union (take 2)
2008-07-15 Bartlomiej Zolnier... ide: remove obsoleted "ide=" kernel parameters
2008-04-27 Bartlomiej Zolnier... ide: add "noacpi" / "acpigtf" / "acpionboot" parameters
2008-04-26 Harvey Harrison ide: replace remaining __FUNCTION__ occurrences
2008-04-17 Bartlomiej Zolnier... ide-acpi: add missing drive->acpidata zeroing
2008-02-06 Andrew Morton drivers/ide/ide-acpi.c: fix uninitialized var warning
2008-02-02 Bartlomiej Zolnier... ide: factor out devices setup from ide_acpi_init()
2008-02-02 Bartlomiej Zolnier... ide-acpi: remove dead code from do_drive_get_GTF()
2008-02-02 Bartlomiej Zolnier... ide-acpi: remove needless exports
2008-02-01 Bartlomiej Zolnier... ide: delete filenames/versions from comments
2008-01-26 Bartlomiej Zolnier... ide: set IDE_TFLAG_IN_* flags before queuing/executing...
2008-01-25 Bartlomiej Zolnier... ide: remove unnecessary writes to HOB taskfile registers
2008-01-25 Bartlomiej Zolnier... ide: add ide_no_data_taskfile() helper
2008-01-25 Bartlomiej Zolnier... ide: add struct ide_taskfile (take 2)
2008-01-11 Jeff Garzik IDE: terminate ACPI DMI list
2008-01-10 Shaohua Li ide: workaround suspend bug for ACPI IDE
2007-10-19 Bartlomiej Zolnier... ide: fix ->data_phase in taskfile_load_raw()
2007-10-13 Adrian Bunk ide: unexport ide_acpi_set_state
2007-10-11 Shaohua Li ide: hook ACPI _PSx method to IDE power on/off
2007-02-07 Andrew Morton ide-acpi support warning fix
2007-02-07 Hannes Reinecke ACPI support for IDE devices