Merge git://
[linux-2.6.git] / drivers / i2c / busses /
2007-10-13 Jean Delvare i2c-nforce2: Declare PEC as supported
2007-10-13 Oleg Ryjkov i2c-nforce2: Abort the transaction on error
2007-10-13 Oleg Ryjkov i2c-nforce2: Move status checking to a separate function
2007-10-13 Chris David i2c-au1550: Fix a misused register problem
2007-10-13 David Brownell i2c: Rename the PEC functionality bit
2007-10-13 David Brownell i2c-at91: Mark as broken
2007-10-13 David Brownell i2c: Remove NOP i2c_algorithm.algo_control() methods
2007-10-13 Jean Delvare i2c-stub: Support multiple chips
2007-10-13 Francis Moreau i2c-bfin-twi: Remove useless twi_lock mutex
2007-10-13 Jason Gaston i2c-i801: Add support for the Intel Tolapai SMBus
2007-10-13 Vladimir Barinov i2c: Add DaVinci I2C controller support
2007-10-13 Stefan Roese i2c-ibm_iic: Add support for new-style clients
2007-09-09 Jean Delvare i2c-pxa: Fix adapter number
2007-09-09 David Brownell i2c-gpio: Fix adapter number
2007-08-31 Shane Huang i2c-piix4: Fix SB700 PCI device ID
2007-08-14 Ben Dooks i2c-s3c2410: Build fix
2007-08-14 Dale Farnsworth i2c-mv64xxx: Reinitialize hw and driver on I2C bus...
2007-08-14 Domen Puncer i2c-mpc: Don't disable I2C module on stop condition
2007-08-14 Arnaud Patard i2c-iop3xx: Set I2C_CLASS_HWMON to adapter class
2007-08-14 Scott Wood i2c-mpc: Pass correct dev_id to free_irq on error path
2007-08-14 Jean Delvare i2c-i801: Typo: erroneous
2007-07-25 Bryan Wu Blackfin arch: add BF54x I2C/TWI TWI0 driver support
2007-07-19 Linus Torvalds Merge branch 'release' of git://
2007-07-19 Jean Delvare i2c: Delete the i2c-isa pseudo bus driver
2007-07-17 Yoann Padioleau parse error, drivers/i2c/busses/i2c-pmcmsp.c
2007-07-15 Al Viro make i2c-acorn tristate
2007-07-12 Linus Torvalds Merge /pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/gregkh/pci-2.6
2007-07-12 Jean Delvare i2c-rpx: Remove
2007-07-12 Domen Puncer i2c-mpc: work around missing-9th-clock-pulse bug
2007-07-12 Marc St-Jean i2c: New PMC MSP71xx TWI bus driver
2007-07-12 Jean Delvare i2c-savage4: Delete many unused defines
2007-07-12 Jean Delvare i2c: New bus driver for the TAOS evaluation modules
2007-07-12 Oleg Ryjkov i2c-i801: Use the internal 32-byte buffer on ICH4+
2007-07-12 Oleg Ryjkov i2c-i801: Various cleanups
2007-07-12 Rodolfo Giometti i2c-pxa: Support new-style I2C drivers
2007-07-12 Atsushi Nemoto i2c-gpio: Make some internal functions static
2007-07-12 Atsushi Nemoto i2c-gpio: Add support for new-style clients
2007-07-12 Martin Michlmayr i2c-iop3xx: Switch to static adapter numbering
2007-07-12 Jean Delvare i2c-sis5595: Resolve resource conflict with sis5595
2007-07-12 Oleg Ryjkov i2c-nforce2: Add support for SMBus block transactions
2007-07-12 Grant Likely i2c-mpc: Use i2c_add_numbered_adapter
2007-07-12 Dale Farnsworth i2c-mv64xxx: Use i2c_add_numbered_adapter
2007-07-12 Henry Su i2c-piix4: Add support for the ATI SB700
2007-07-12 Jean Delvare i2c: Fix the i2c_smbus_read_i2c_block_data() prototype
2007-07-12 Matthias Kaehlcke scx200_acb: Use mutex instead of semaphore
2007-07-11 Auke Kok PCI: Change all drivers to use pci_device->revision
2007-05-26 Enrico Scholz [ARM] 4403/1: Make the PXA-I2C driver work with lockdep...
2007-05-22 Arnaud Patard i2c-s3c2410: Fix build warning
2007-05-22 Jean Delvare i2c-tiny-usb: Fix truncated adapter name
2007-05-10 Alexey Dobriyan i2c-at91: compile fix (IS_ERR)
2007-05-10 David Brownell i2c-at91 supports new-style i2c drivers
2007-05-10 Russell King arm: fix i2c-pxa build
2007-05-08 Randy Dunlap header cleaning: don't include smp_lock.h when not...
2007-05-08 David Brownell layered parport code uses parport->dev
2007-05-06 Linus Torvalds Merge branch 'for-linus' of /home/rmk/linux-2.6-arm
2007-05-05 Linus Torvalds Merge /pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/gregkh/pci-2.6
2007-05-03 Jean Delvare PCI: Cleanup the includes of <linux/pci.h>
2007-05-01 Ben Dooks i2c-s3c2410: Fix bug in releasing driver
2007-05-01 Ben Dooks i2c-s3c2410: Fix I2C SDA to SCL setup time
2007-05-01 Till Harbaum i2c: New i2c-tiny-usb bus driver
2007-05-01 Milind Arun Choudhary i2c: SPIN_LOCK_UNLOCKED cleanup
2007-05-01 Jean Delvare i2c: Obsolete i2c-ixp2000, i2c-ixp4xx and scx200_i2c
2007-05-01 Ben Dooks i2c: New Simtec I2C bus driver
2007-05-01 Haavard Skinnemoen i2c: Bitbanging I2C bus driver using the GPIO API
2007-05-01 Jan Engelhardt Use menuconfig objects - I2C
2007-05-01 Jean Delvare i2c-pxa: Clean transaction stop
2007-05-01 David Brownell i2c-omap: Switch to static adapter numbering
2007-05-01 Bryan Wu i2c: Blackfin Two Wire Interface driver
2007-05-01 Jean Delvare i2c: Move i2c-isa-only exported symbol declarations
2007-05-01 Jean Delvare i2c-pca-isa: Port to the new device driver model
2007-05-01 Jean Delvare i2c-elektor: Port to the new device driver model
2007-05-01 Jean Delvare i2c-parport-light: Port to the new device driver model
2007-05-01 Jean Delvare i2c-parport: Fix a minor race on driver unload
2007-05-01 Jean Delvare scx200_acb: Fix PCI device reference count
2007-05-01 Jean Delvare i2c-nforce2: Add support for the MCP61 and MCP65
2007-05-01 Jean Delvare i2c-parport: Optimize binary size
2007-05-01 David Brownell i2c: Class attribute cleanup
2007-05-01 David Brownell i2c: Shrink struct i2c_client
2007-05-01 Jean Delvare i2c: i2c_adapter devices need no driver
2007-05-01 Jean Delvare i2c: Kill i2c_adapter.class_dev
2007-04-21 Eric Miao [ARM] 4304/1: removes the unnecessary bit number from...
2007-04-21 Matej Kenda [ARM] 4246/1: i2c-pxa: add adapter class to platform...
2007-04-17 Olof Johansson Minor bug fixes to i2c-pasemi
2007-04-17 Jean Delvare i2c-pasemi: Depend on PPC_PASEMI again
2007-03-22 Jean Delvare i2c-i801: Restore the device state before leaving
2007-03-22 Jean Delvare i2c-amd8111: Missed cleanup
2007-03-04 Russell King [ARM] Acorn: move the i2c bus driver into drivers/i2c
2007-02-19 Linus Torvalds Merge git://git./linux/kernel/git/bunk/trivial
2007-02-19 Linus Torvalds Merge branch 'for-linus' of /home/rmk/linux-2.6-arm
2007-02-18 Russell King Merge the easy part of the IOP branch
2007-02-17 Robert P. J. Day Replace remaining references to "driverfs" with "sysfs".
2007-02-14 Tim Schmielau [PATCH] remove many unneeded #includes of sched.h
2007-02-14 Dan Williams [ARM] 4184/1: iop: cp6 access handler (undef_hook)
2007-02-13 Jean Delvare i2c: Declare more i2c_adapter parent devices
2007-02-13 Olof Johansson i2c: PA Semi SMBus driver
2007-02-13 Jean Delvare i2c-amd8111: Proposed cleanups
2007-02-13 Jonathan McDowell i2c-parport: Add support for One For All remote JP1...
2007-02-13 Jean Delvare i2c-viapro: Add support for the VIA CX700 south bridge
2007-02-13 Stephen Hemminger i2c: Add IDs to adapters
2007-02-13 Jean Delvare i2c: completion header cleanups