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[linux-2.6.git] / drivers / i2c / busses / i2c-omap.c
2011-02-23 Ben Dooks i2c-omap: fixup commit cb527ede1bf6ff2008a025606f25344b...
2011-02-23 Richard woodruff i2c-omap: Double clear of ARDY status in IRQ handler
2011-02-23 Balaji T K i2c-omap: fix build for !CONFIG_SUSPEND
2011-02-22 Kevin Hilman i2c-omap: fix static suspend vs. runtime suspend
2011-01-12 Ben Dooks Merge branch 'for-2638/i2c/omap' into for-linus/i2c...
2011-01-04 Samu Onkalo i2c-omap: Set latency requirements only once for severa...
2010-12-21 Benoit Cousson I2C: i2c-omap: Change device name: i2c_omap -> omap_i2c
2010-11-09 Rajendra Nayak OMAP: I2C: Convert i2c driver to use PM runtime api's
2010-09-22 Mathias Nyman i2c-omap: Make sure i2c bus is free before setting...
2010-05-19 manjugk manjugk OMAP3: I2C: Clean up Errata 1p153 handling
2010-05-19 Kalle Jokiniemi i2c-omap: add mpu wake up latency constraint in i2c
2010-05-19 manjugk manjugk OMAP2/3: I2C: Errata ID i207: Clear wrong RDR interrupt
2010-05-19 Santosh Shilimkar omap: i2c: Add i2c support on omap4 platform
2010-05-19 Alexander Shishkin omap: i2c: add a timeout to the busy waiting
2010-05-19 Alexander Shishkin omap: i2c: make errata 1.153 workaround a separate...
2010-04-20 Mika Westerberg i2c-omap: fix OOPS in omap_i2c_unidle() during probe
2010-03-30 Tejun Heo include cleanup: Update gfp.h and slab.h includes to...
2010-03-08 Uwe Kleine-K├Ânig i2c: move i2c_omap's probe function to .devinit.text
2010-03-07 Cory Maccarrone i2c: omap: Add support for 16-bit registers
2009-12-24 Manjunatha GK i2c-omap: OMAP3: Fix I2C lockup during timeout/error...
2009-12-24 Cory Maccarrone i2c-omap: Don't write IE state in unidle if 0
2009-12-09 Rajendra Nayak i2c-omap: OMAP3: PM: (re)init for every transfer to...
2009-08-20 Moiz Sonasath i2c-omap: Enable workaround for Errata 1.153 based on
2009-08-20 Moiz Sonasath i2c-omap: ACK pending [R/X]DR and [R/X]RDY interrupts
2009-08-20 Nishanth Menon i2c-omap: Fix I2C status ACK
2009-07-30 Sonasath, Moiz i2c-omap: OMAP3430 Silicon Errata 1.153
2009-07-30 Sonasath, Moiz i2c-omap: In case of a NACK|ARDY|AL return from the ISR
2009-07-30 Sonasath, Moiz i2c-omap: Bug in reading the RXSTAT/TXSTAT values from...
2009-07-29 Roel Kluin i2c: strncpy does not null terminate string
2009-07-14 Julia Lawall i2c: Use resource_size
2009-06-22 Tony Lindgren i2c-omap: Fix build breaking typo cpu_is_omap_2430
2009-06-16 Linus Walleij i2c: Use resource_size macro
2009-06-13 Aaro Koskinen i2c: OMAP3: Better noise suppression for fast/standard...
2009-06-13 Aaro Koskinen i2c: OMAP2/3: Fix scll/sclh calculations
2009-02-08 Russell King [ARM] omap: i2c: remove conditional ick clocks
2009-02-08 Russell King [ARM] omap: i2c: remove armxor_ck
2009-02-08 Russell King [ARM] omap: i2c: use short connection ids
2008-12-16 Ben Dooks i2c-omap: fix type of irq handler function
2008-11-21 Kalle Jokiniemi i2c-omap: Enable I2C wakeups for 34xx
2008-11-21 Paul Walmsley i2c-omap: reprogram OCP_SYSCONFIG register after reset
2008-11-21 Paul Walmsley i2c-omap: convert 'rev1' flag to generic 'rev' u8
2008-11-21 Paul Walmsley i2c-omap: fix I2C timeouts due to recursive omap_i2c_...
2008-11-21 Tony Lindgren i2c-omap: Clean-up i2c-omap
2008-11-21 Paul Walmsley i2c-omap: Don't compile in OMAP15xx I2C ISR for non...
2008-11-21 Paul Walmsley i2c-omap: Mark init-only functions as __init
2008-11-21 Chandra shekhar i2c-omap: Add support for omap34xx
2008-11-21 Nishanth Menon i2c-omap: FIFO handling support and broken hw workaroun...
2008-11-21 Syed Mohammed Khasim i2c-omap: Add high-speed support to omap-i2c
2008-11-21 Paul Walmsley i2c-omap: Close suspected race between omap_i2c_idle...
2008-11-21 Jarkko Nikula i2c-omap: Do not use interruptible wait call in omap_i2...
2008-09-05 Russell King [ARM] omap: convert OMAP drivers to use ioremap()
2008-04-22 Kay Sievers i2c: Fix platform driver hotplug/coldplug
2008-03-23 Tony Lindgren i2c-omap: Fix unhandled fault
2008-01-27 Jean Delvare i2c: Don't uselessly set i2c_adapter.retries
2008-01-14 Tony Lindgren i2c-omap: Fix NULL pointer dereferencing
2007-12-12 Joe Perches i2c: Add missing spaces in split log messages
2007-10-19 Jan Engelhardt Convert files to UTF-8 and some cleanups
2007-05-01 David Brownell i2c-omap: Switch to static adapter numbering
2006-12-10 Jean Delvare i2c: Fix OMAP clock prescaler to match the comment
2006-10-05 David Howells IRQ: Maintain regs pointer globally rather than passing...
2006-09-26 Jean Delvare i2c: Constify i2c_algorithm declarations, part 2
2006-09-26 Komal Shah i2c: New bus driver for TI OMAP boards