hwmon: (adt7473) Remove unused defines
[linux-2.6.git] / drivers / hwmon / w83791d.c
2008-02-19 Mark M. Hoffman hwmon: normal_i2c arrays should be const
2008-02-08 Jean Delvare hwmon: VRM is not written to registers
2007-10-18 Joe Perches Add missing newlines to some uses of dev_<level> messages
2007-10-10 Jean Delvare hwmon: VRM is not read from registers
2007-10-10 Charles Spirakis hwmon: (w83791d) new sysfs beep/alarm methodology
2007-10-10 Tony Jones hwmon: Convert from class_device to device
2006-10-18 Jim Cromie w83791d: Fix unchecked return status
2006-10-04 Dave Jones Remove all inclusions of <linux/config.h>
2006-09-28 Charles Spirakis w83791d: Documentation update
2006-06-22 Charles Spirakis [PATCH] HWMON: w83791d: New hardware monitoring driver...