hwmon: Add Freescale MC13783 ADC driver
[linux-2.6.git] / drivers / hwmon / lis3lv02d.h
2009-09-22 Daniel Mack lis3: add free-fall/wakeup function via platform_data
2009-06-17 Daniel Mack lis3: add click function
2009-06-17 Eric Piel lis3: use input_polled_device
2009-06-17 Eric Piel lis3: remove automatic shutdown of the device
2009-04-01 Daniel Mack lis3: solve dependency between core and ACPI
2009-04-01 Pavel Machek hp_accel: adev is poor name of exported symbol
2009-02-18 Giuseppe Bilotta lis3lv02d: support both one- and two-byte sensors
2009-02-18 Pavel Machek hp accelerometer: add freefall detection
2009-01-10 Eric Piel LIS3LV02D: separate the core from HP ACPI API
2008-11-13 Pavel Machek LIS3LV02Dx Accelerometer driver