switch lookup_mnt()
[linux-2.6.git] / drivers / hwmon / adt7470.c
2009-01-06 Darrick J. Wong adt7470: make automatic fan control really work
2009-01-06 Darrick J. Wong adt7470: observe the number of temperature sensors...
2009-01-06 Darrick J. Wong adt7470: fix pwm at a certain level during temperature...
2009-01-06 Darrick J. Wong adt74{62, 70, 73}: Use DIV_ROUND_CLOSEST for rounded...
2008-11-13 Darrick J. Wong adt7470: check input range when sysfs files are written
2008-07-16 Jean Delvare hwmon: (adt7470) Convert to a new-style i2c driver
2008-02-19 Mark M. Hoffman hwmon: normal_i2c arrays should be const
2008-02-08 Darrick J. Wong hwmon: (adt7470) Support per-sensor alarm files
2008-02-08 Robert P. J. Day hwmon: (adt7470) Replace power-of-two test
2007-10-10 Tony Jones hwmon: Convert from class_device to device
2007-10-10 Darrick J. Wong hwmon: add support for adt7470