vmwgfx: Initialize clip rect loop correctly in surface dirty
[linux-2.6.git] / drivers / gpu / drm / vmwgfx / vmwgfx_kms.c
2011-11-11 Jakob Bornecrantz vmwgfx: Initialize clip rect loop correctly in surface...
2011-11-11 Jakob Bornecrantz vmwgfx: Close screen object system
2011-11-07 Jakob Bornecrantz vmwgfx: Snoop DMA transfers with non-covering sizes
2011-11-07 Jakob Bornecrantz vmwgfx: Move the prefered mode first in the list
2011-11-07 Jakob Bornecrantz vmwgfx: Unreference surface on cursor error path
2011-11-07 Jakob Bornecrantz vmwgfx: Free prefered mode on error path
2011-11-07 Jakob Bornecrantz vmwgfx: Use pointer return error codes
2011-11-07 Thomas Hellstrom vmwgfx: Fix hw cursor position
2011-11-07 Thomas Hellstrom vmwgfx: Make the preferred autofit mode have a 60Hz...
2011-11-02 Thomas Hellstrom vmwgfx: Reinstate the update_layout ioctl
2011-10-23 Jakob Bornecrantz vmwgfx: Don't pass unused arguments to do_dirty functions
2011-10-23 Jakob Bornecrantz vmwgfx: Emulate depth 32 framebuffers
2011-10-18 Jakob Bornecrantz vmwgfx: Add vblank stubs
2011-10-10 Jakob Bornecrantz vmwgfx: Don't use virtual coords when using screen...
2011-10-05 Thomas Hellstrom vmwgfx: Minor cleanups
2011-10-05 Jakob Bornecrantz vmwgfx: Be more strict with fb depths when using screen...
2011-10-05 Thomas Hellstrom vmwgfx: Make sure we always have a user-space handle...
2011-10-05 Jakob Bornecrantz vmwgfx: Add present and readback ioctls
2011-10-05 Jakob Bornecrantz vmwgfx: Drop 3D Legacy Display Unit support
2011-10-05 Jakob Bornecrantz vmwgfx: Add screen object support
2011-10-05 Jakob Bornecrantz vmwgfx: Add dmabuf helper functions for pinning
2011-10-05 Jakob Bornecrantz vmwgfx: Refactor common display unit functions to share...
2011-10-05 Jakob Bornecrantz vmwgfx: Break out dirty submission code
2011-10-05 Jakob Bornecrantz vmwgfx: Make sure the reserved area is at the start...
2011-10-05 Jakob Bornecrantz vmwgfx: Add comments for buffer pinning code
2011-09-06 Thomas Hellstrom vmwgfx: Remove the update layout IOCTL.
2011-09-01 Michel Dänzer vmwgfx: Print error diagnostics if depth doesn't match...
2011-09-01 Michel Dänzer vmwgfx: Fix 'bbp' typo
2011-09-01 Michel Dänzer vmwgfx: Don't write to read-only registers
2011-09-01 Michel Dänzer vmwgfx: Add support for depth 8
2011-03-31 Lucas De Marchi Fix common misspellings
2010-11-09 Thomas Hellstrom drm/vmwgfx: Fix oops on failing bo pin
2010-10-06 Thomas Hellstrom drm/vmwgfx: Save at least one screen layout
2010-10-06 Thomas Hellstrom drm/vmwgfx: Prune modes based on available VRAM size
2010-10-06 Thomas Hellstrom drm/vmwgfx: Take the ttm lock around the dirty ioctl
2010-10-06 Thomas Hellstrom drm: vmwgfx: Add a struct drm_file parameter to the...
2010-10-06 Thomas Hellstrom drm/vmwgfx: Really support other depths than 32
2010-10-01 Thomas Hellstrom vmwgfx: Enable use of the vblank system
2010-10-01 Thomas Hellstrom vmwgfx: vt-switch (master drop) fixes
2010-08-10 Chris Wilson drm: Propagate error code from fb_create()
2010-07-20 Dan Carpenter vmwgfx: return -EFAULT if copy_to_user fails
2010-06-03 Jakob Bornecrantz drm/vmwgfx: Allow userspace to change default layout...
2010-06-03 Thomas Hellstrom drm/vmwgfx: Fix vga save / restore with display topology.
2010-05-31 Jakob Bornecrantz drm/vmwgfx: Print warnings in kernel log about bo pinni...
2010-05-31 Thomas Hellstrom drm/vmwgfx: Reserve first part of VRAM for framebuffer.
2010-05-31 Jakob Bornecrantz drm/vmwgfx: Support older hardware.
2010-05-31 Jakob Bornecrantz drm/vmwgfx: Assume larger framebuffer max size.
2010-04-07 Dave Airlie drm/fb: fix fbdev object model + cleanup properly.
2010-02-11 Jakob Bornecrantz drm/vmwgfx: Report propper framebuffer_{max|min}_{width...
2010-02-01 Jakob Bornecrantz drm/vmwgfx: Don't send bad flags to the host
2010-01-14 Thomas Hellstrom drm/vmwgfx: Don't promote updates from GMR-backed scano...
2009-12-23 Thomas Hellstrom drm/vmwgfx: Use TTM handles instead of SIDs as user...
2009-12-14 Jakob Bornecrantz drm/vmwgfx: Add DRM driver for VMware Virtual GPU