drm: move pci bus master enable into driver.
[linux-2.6.git] / drivers / gpu / drm / gma500 / psb_drv.c
2012-02-16 Dave Airlie drm: move pci bus master enable into driver.
2012-01-03 Alan Cox gma500: remove no_fb bits
2012-01-03 Alan Cox gma500: Fix Cedarview support (Correct version)
2012-01-03 Alan Cox gma500: Add the E6xx PCI identifier we are missing
2011-12-20 Alan Cox gma500: Final enables for Oaktrail
2011-12-20 Patrik Jakobsson gma500: Fix encoder type checking for connectors
2011-12-06 Alan Cox gma500: frame buffer locking
2011-12-06 Alan Cox gma500: do a pass over the FIXME tags
2011-12-06 Patrik Jakobsson gma500: Don't enable MSI on Poulsbo
2011-12-06 Patrik Jakobsson gma500: Only register interrupt handler for poulsbo...
2011-12-06 Alan Cox gma500: Move the API
2011-12-06 Alan Cox gma500: Rename the ioctls to avoid clashing with the...
2011-12-06 Alan Cox drm/gma500: begin pruning dead bits of API
2011-11-28 Ilija Hadzic drm/gma500: fix compile error
2011-11-16 Dave Airlie gma500: fixup build versus latest header changes.
2011-11-16 Alan Cox gma500: Add the core DRM files and headers