Merge branch 'release' of git://
[linux-2.6.git] / drivers / dma / ioat /
2010-05-17 Dan Williams Merge branch 'ioat' into dmaengine
2010-05-02 Minskey Guo ioat: Remove duplicated devm_kzalloc() calls for ioatdm...
2010-05-01 Dan Williams ioat3: disable cacheline-unaligned transfers for raid...
2010-05-01 Dan Williams ioat2,3: convert to producer/consumer locking
2010-05-01 Dan Williams ioat: convert to circ_buf
2010-03-30 Tejun Heo include cleanup: Update gfp.h and slab.h includes to...
2010-03-26 Dan Williams dmaengine: provide helper for setting txstate
2010-03-26 Linus Walleij DMAENGINE: generic channel status v2
2010-03-08 Emese Revfy Driver core: Constify struct sysfs_ops in struct kobj_type
2010-03-06 Akinobu Mita bitops: rename for_each_bit() to for_each_set_bit()
2010-03-04 Dan Williams Merge branch 'coh' into dmaengine
2010-03-04 Dan Williams ioat: cleanup ->timer_fn() and ->cleanup_fn() prototypes
2010-03-04 Dan Williams ioat3: interrupt coalescing
2010-03-04 Dan Williams ioat: close potential BUG_ON race in the descriptor...
2010-03-03 Dan Williams ioat2: kill pending flag
2010-03-03 Dan Williams ioat3: use ioat2_quiesce()
2010-03-03 Dan Williams ioat3: cleanup, don't enable DCA completion writes
2010-02-03 Dan Williams ioat: fix infinite timeout checking in ioat2_quiesce
2009-12-19 Dan Williams ioat2,3: put channel hardware in known state at init
2009-12-17 Dan Williams ioat3: fix p-disabled q-continuation
2009-11-20 Dan Williams ioat3: fix pq completion versus channel deallocation...
2009-11-20 Dan Williams async_tx: build-time toggling of async_{syndrome,xor...
2009-11-20 Dan Williams ioat2,3: report all uncorrectable errors
2009-11-20 Dan Williams ioat3: specify valid address for disabled-Q or disabled-P
2009-11-20 Dan Williams ioat2,3: disable asynchronous error notifications
2009-11-20 Dan Williams ioat3: dca and raid operations are incompatible
2009-11-17 Dan Williams ioat: silence "dca disabled" messages
2009-09-21 Dan Williams ioat3: fix uninitialized var warnings
2009-09-21 Andrew Morton drivers/dma/ioat/dma_v2.c: fix warnings
2009-09-16 Dan Williams ioat2: clarify ring size limits
2009-09-10 Dan Williams ioat: driver version 4.0
2009-09-10 Maciej Sosnowski dca: registering requesters in multiple dca domains
2009-09-09 Dan Williams Merge branch 'dmaengine' into async-tx-next
2009-09-09 Dan Williams ioat2,3: cacheline align software descriptor allocations
2009-09-09 Dan Williams ioat: implement a private tx_list
2009-09-09 Roland Dreier I/OAT: Convert to PCI_VDEVICE()
2009-09-09 Roland Dreier Add MODULE_DEVICE_TABLE() so ioatdma module is autoloaded
2009-09-09 Dan Williams ioat3: segregate raid engines
2009-09-09 Tom Picard ioat3: ioat3.2 pci ids for Jasper Forest
2009-09-09 Dan Williams ioat3: interrupt descriptor support
2009-09-09 Dan Williams ioat3: support xor via pq descriptors
2009-09-09 Dan Williams ioat3: pq support
2009-09-09 Dan Williams ioat3: xor self test
2009-09-09 Dan Williams ioat3: xor support
2009-09-09 Dan Williams ioat3: enable dca for completion writes
2009-09-09 Dan Williams ioat: add 'ioat' sysfs attributes
2009-09-09 Dan Williams ioat3: split ioat3 support to its own file, add memset
2009-09-09 Dan Williams ioat3: hardware version 3.2 register / descriptor defin...
2009-09-09 Dan Williams ioat2+: add fence support
2009-09-09 Dan Williams ioat2,3: dynamically resize descriptor ring
2009-09-09 Dan Williams ioat: switch watchdog and reset handler from workqueue...
2009-09-09 Dan Williams ioat1: trim ioat_dma_desc_sw
2009-09-09 Dan Williams ioat: ___devinit annotate the initialization paths
2009-09-09 Dan Williams ioat: preserve chanctrl bits when re-arming interrupts
2009-09-09 Dan Williams ioat: ignore reserved bits for chancnt and xfercap
2009-09-09 Dan Williams ioat: cleanup completion status reads
2009-09-09 Dan Williams ioat: add some dev_dbg() calls
2009-09-09 Dan Williams ioat1: kill unused unmap parameters
2009-09-09 Dan Williams ioat2,3: convert to a true ring buffer
2009-09-09 Dan Williams ioat: prepare the code for ioat[12]_dma_chan split
2009-09-09 Dan Williams ioat: fix self test interrupts
2009-09-09 Dan Williams ioat1: move descriptor allocation from submit to prep
2009-09-09 Dan Williams ioat: define descriptor control bit-field
2009-09-09 Dan Williams ioat: fix type mismatch for ->dmacount
2009-09-09 Dan Williams ioat: split ioat_dma_probe into core/version-specific...
2009-09-09 Dan Williams ioat: kill function prototype ifdef guards
2009-09-09 Dan Williams ioat: cleanup some long deref chains and 80 column...
2009-09-09 Dan Williams ioat: convert ioat_probe to pcim/devm
2009-09-09 Dan Williams ioat: move definitions to dma.h
2009-07-28 Dan Williams ioat: move to drivers/dma/ioat/