loopdev: fix a deadlock
[linux-2.6.git] / drivers / clk /
2012-07-19 Pawel Moll clk: Check parent for NULL in clk_change_rate
2012-07-16 Rajendra Nayak clk: fix parent validation in __clk_set_parent()
2012-07-16 Rajendra Nayak clk: Allow late cache allocation for clk->parents
2012-03-19 Arnd Bergmann clk: make CONFIG_COMMON_CLK invisible
2012-03-16 Mike Turquette clk: basic clock hardware types
2012-03-16 Mike Turquette clk: introduce the common clock framework
2011-12-28 Shawn Guo clk: add config option HAVE_CLK_PREPARE into Kconfig
2011-07-19 Kyungmin Park ARM: Consolidate the clkdev header files
2011-04-30 Russell King CLKDEV: Fix clkdev return value for NULL clk case
2010-11-26 Jean-Christop PLAG... ARM: 6483/1: arm & sh: factorised duplicated clkdev.c