[SCSI] bxn2i: Added support for other TMFs besides ABORT_TASK
[linux-2.6.git] / drivers / ata /
2010-08-25 Mark Lord libata-sff: remove harmful BUG_ON from ata_bmdma_qc_issue
2010-08-25 Mark Lord sata_mv: fix broken DSM/TRIM support (v2)
2010-08-25 Tejun Heo libata: be less of a drama queen on empty data commands
2010-08-25 Dan Carpenter [libata] sata_dwc_460ex: signdness bug
2010-08-25 Tejun Heo ahci: add HFLAG_YES_FBS and apply it to 88SE9128
2010-08-25 Bartlomiej Zolnier... libata: remove no longer needed pata_winbond driver
2010-08-25 Tejun Heo pata_cmd64x: revert commit d62f5576
2010-08-16 Stephen Rothwell ata: update for of_device to platform_device replacement
2010-08-15 Len Brown Merge branch 'linus' into release
2010-08-15 Andi Kleen gcc-4.6: ACPI: fix unused but set variables in ACPI
2010-08-12 Linus Torvalds Merge branch 'next-devicetree' of git://git.secretlab...
2010-08-11 Linus Torvalds Merge branch 'for-linus' of /home/rmk/linux-2.6-arm
2010-08-10 Randy Dunlap docbook: fix fatal error from libata
2010-08-10 Linus Torvalds Merge branch 'for-2.6.36' of git://git.kernel.dk/linux...
2010-08-10 Russell King Merge branches 'master' and 'devel' into for-linus
2010-08-07 Linus Torvalds Merge branch 'for-linus' of git://git./linux/kernel...
2010-08-07 Christoph Hellwig block: unify flags for struct bio and struct request
2010-08-07 Christoph Hellwig block: remove wrappers for request type/flags
2010-08-06 Linus Torvalds Merge git://git./linux/kernel/git/brodo/pcmcia-2.6
2010-08-06 Russell King Merge branch 'devel' of git://git./linux/kernel/git...
2010-08-06 Grant Likely of/device: Replace struct of_device with struct platfor...
2010-08-03 Dominik Brodowski pcmcia: do not use io_req_t when calling pcmcia_request...
2010-08-03 Dominik Brodowski pcmcia: do not use io_req_t after call to pcmcia_reques...
2010-08-01 Tejun Heo sata_fsl,mv,nv: prepare for NCQ command completion...
2010-08-01 Peter Huewe ata: Convert pci_table entries to PCI_VDEVICE (if PCI_A...
2010-08-01 Tejun Heo ata_piix: fix locking around SIDPR access
2010-08-01 Mark Lord [libata] update blacklist for new hyphenated pattern...
2010-08-01 Mark Lord libata: allow hyphenated pattern ranges
2010-08-01 Tejun Heo ata_generic: drop hard coded DMA force logic for CENATEK
2010-08-01 Justin P. Mattock [libata] ahci: Fix warning: comparison between 'enum...
2010-08-01 FUJITA Tomonori [libata] add ATA_CMD_DSM to ata_get_cmd_descript
2010-08-01 Abhilash Kesavan [libata] Add Samsung PATA controller driver, pata_samsu...
2010-08-01 Rupjyoti Sarmah [libata] Add 460EX on-chip SATA driver, sata_dwc_460ex
2010-08-01 Mark Lord libata: reduce blacklist size even more (v2)
2010-08-01 Mark Lord libata: reduce blacklist size (v2)
2010-08-01 Mark Lord libata: glob_match for ata_device_blacklist (v2)
2010-08-01 Anton Vorontsov ahci_platform: Remove unneeded ahci_driver.probe assignment
2010-08-01 Jassi Brar ahci_platform: Provide for vendor specific init
2010-07-30 Dominik Brodowski pcmcia: remove cs_types.h
2010-07-02 Tejun Heo libata: take advantage of cmwq and remove concurrency...
2010-07-01 Tejun Heo ata_generic: implement ATA_GEN_* flags and force enable...
2010-07-01 Tejun Heo ahci,ata_generic: let ata_generic handle new MBP w...
2010-07-01 Harry Zhang libahci: Fix bug in storing EM messages
2010-06-18 Marek Vasut [ARM] pata_pxa: DMA-capable PATA driver
2010-06-10 Catalin Marinas sata_sil24: Use memory barriers before issuing commands
2010-06-10 Dan Carpenter sata_sil24: memset() overflow
2010-06-07 Tejun Heo ahci: redo stopping DMA engines on empty ports
2010-06-07 Colin Tuckley sata_sil24: fix kernel panic on ARM caused by unaligned...
2010-06-07 Tejun Heo sata_via: explain the magic fix
2010-06-03 Linus Torvalds Merge branch 'upstream-linus' of git://git./linux/kerne...
2010-06-02 Tejun Heo libata: implement on-demand HPA unlocking
2010-06-02 Tejun Heo libata: use the enlarged capacity after late HPA unlock
2010-06-02 Stefan Richter libata-sff: trivial corrections to Kconfig help text
2010-06-02 Tejun Heo sata_nv: don't diddle with nIEN on mcp55
2010-06-02 Tejun Heo sata_via: magic vt6421 fix for transmission problems...
2010-06-02 Benjamin Herrenschmidt powerpc/macio: Fix probing of macio devices by using...
2010-05-25 Tejun Heo libata: implement dump_id force param
2010-05-25 Tejun Heo libata: disable ATAPI AN by default
2010-05-25 Tejun Heo libata-sff: make BMDMA optional
2010-05-25 Tejun Heo libata-sff: kill dummy BMDMA ops from sata_qstor and...
2010-05-25 Tejun Heo libata-sff: separate out BMDMA init
2010-05-25 Tejun Heo libata-sff: separate out BMDMA irq handler
2010-05-25 Tejun Heo libata-sff: ata_sff_irq_clear() is BMDMA specific
2010-05-25 Tejun Heo sata_mv: drop unncessary EH callback resetting
2010-05-22 Grant Likely Merge remote branch 'origin' into secretlab/next-devicetree
2010-05-22 Grant Likely of: Remove duplicate fields from of_platform_driver
2010-05-20 Linus Torvalds Merge branch 'upstream-linus' of git://git./linux/kerne...
2010-05-20 Linus Torvalds Merge branch 'for-linus' of git://git./linux/kernel...
2010-05-19 Tejun Heo libata-sff: separate out BMDMA qc_issue
2010-05-19 Tejun Heo libata-sff: prd is BMDMA specific
2010-05-19 Tejun Heo libata-sff: ata_sff_[dumb_]qc_prep are BMDMA specific
2010-05-19 Tejun Heo libata-sff: separate out BMDMA EH
2010-05-19 Tejun Heo libata-sff: port_task is SFF specific
2010-05-19 Tejun Heo libata-sff: ap->[last_]ctl are SFF specific
2010-05-19 Tejun Heo libata-sff: rename ap->ops->drain_fifo() to sff_drain_f...
2010-05-19 Tejun Heo libata-sff: introduce ata_sff_init/exit() and ata_sff_p...
2010-05-19 Tejun Heo libata-sff: clean up BMDMA initialization
2010-05-19 Tejun Heo libata-sff: clean up inheritance in several drivers
2010-05-18 Grant Likely of: Always use 'struct device.of_node' to get device...
2010-05-18 Tejun Heo libata-sff: reorder SFF/BMDMA functions
2010-05-18 Tejun Heo sata_inic162x: kill PORT_PRD_ADDR initialization
2010-05-18 Tejun Heo libata: kill ATA_FLAG_DISABLED
2010-05-15 Tejun Heo libata-sff: kill unused prototype and make ata_dev_sele...
2010-05-15 Tejun Heo libata-sff: update bmdma host bus error handling
2010-05-15 Tejun Heo sata_mv: remove unnecessary initialization
2010-05-15 Tejun Heo sata_inic162x: inic162x is not dependent on CONFIG_ATA_SFF
2010-05-15 Tejun Heo pata_sch: use ata_pci_sff_init_one()
2010-05-15 Alan Cox pata_sil680: Do our own exec_command posting
2010-05-15 Alan Cox libata: Remove excess delay in the tf_load path
2010-05-15 Tejun Heo sata_nv: use ata_pci_sff_activate_host() instead of...
2010-05-14 Sebastian Andrzej... libata: don't flush dcache on slab pages
2010-05-14 Sergei Shtylyov pata_cmd640: don't read CFR pointlessly
2010-05-14 Sergei Shtylyov libata: make sff_irq_on() method optional
2010-05-14 Sergei Shtylyov libata: introduce sff_set_devctl() method
2010-05-14 Jeff Garzik ahci_platform: properly set up EM messaging
2010-05-14 Harry Zhang ahci: add "em_buffer" attribute for AHCI hosts
2010-05-14 Harry Zhang ahci: EM message type auto detect
2010-05-14 Sergei Shtylyov pata_scc: kill useless check in scc_postreset()
2010-05-14 Sergei Shtylyov pata_scc: make scc_wait_after_reset() static
2010-05-14 Akinobu Mita libata: use __ratelimit