config: tegra3: enable /dev mount with ACL
[linux-2.6.git] / drivers / ata / pata_sch.c
2011-07-23 Joe Perches ata: Add and use ata_print_version_once
2010-05-25 Tejun Heo libata-sff: separate out BMDMA init
2010-05-15 Tejun Heo pata_sch: use ata_pci_sff_init_one()
2009-03-25 Erik Inge Bolsø [libata] convert drivers to use ata.h mode mask defines
2008-11-11 Mark Salter [libata] pata_sch: notice attached slave devices
2008-05-06 Alek Du libata: Add Intel SCH PATA driver