sata_mv: add power management support for the platform driver
[linux-2.6.git] / drivers / ata / pata_ali.c
2009-12-03 Alan Cox pata_ali: Fix regression with old devices
2009-10-06 Dirk Hohndel pata_ali: trivial fix of a very frequent spelling mistake
2009-06-05 Alan Cox [libata] pata_ali: Use IGN_SIMPLEX
2009-03-25 Erik Inge Bolsø [libata] convert drivers to use ata.h mode mask defines
2009-01-16 Andrew Morton drivers/ata/pata_ali.c: s/isa_bridge/ali_isa_bridge...
2009-01-08 Alan Cox libata: Add 32bit PIO support
2009-01-08 Alan Cox pata_ali: Fix and workaround for FIFO DMA bug
2009-01-08 Alan Cox pata_ali: force initialise a few bits
2008-10-28 Alan Cox ata: Switch all my stuff to a common address
2008-07-31 Ben Dooks pata_ali: misplaced pci_dev_put()
2008-05-19 Harvey Harrison ata: remove FIT() macro
2008-04-17 Tejun Heo libata: rename SFF functions
2008-04-17 Tejun Heo libata: stop overloading port_info->private_data
2008-04-17 Tejun Heo libata: make ata_pci_init_one() not use ops->irq_handle...
2008-04-17 Tejun Heo libata: implement and use ops inheritance
2008-04-17 Tejun Heo libata: implement and use SHT initializers
2008-04-17 Tejun Heo libata: implement and use ata_noop_irq_clear()
2008-04-17 Tejun Heo libata: PCI device should be powered up before being...
2008-04-12 Adrian Bunk [libata] make ali_atapi_dma static
2008-04-04 Tejun Heo pata_ali: disable ATAPI DMA
2008-03-17 Tejun Heo pata_ali: use atapi_cmd_type() to determine cmd type...
2008-01-23 Jeff Garzik libata: checkpatch fixes
2007-11-24 Jeff Garzik pata_ali: trim trailing whitespace (fix checkpatch...
2007-11-24 Alan Cox pata_ali: Lots of problems still showing up with small...
2007-11-24 Alan Cox pata_ali: Add Mitac 8317 and derivatives
2007-10-12 Alan Cox libata: Switch most of the remaining SFF drivers to...
2007-10-12 Jeff Garzik [libata] Remove ->port_disable() hook
2007-10-12 Jeff Garzik [libata] Remove ->irq_ack() hook, and ata_dummy_irq_on()
2007-10-10 Jeff Garzik drivers/firmware: const-ify DMI API and internals
2007-09-11 Daniel Exner pata_ali/alim15x3: override 80-wire cable detection...
2007-08-31 Jeff Garzik [libata] Bump driver versions
2007-07-24 Alan Cox pata_ali: Correct HP detect
2007-07-11 Auke Kok PCI: Change all drivers to use pci_device->revision
2007-07-09 Jeff Garzik [libata] Use ATA_UDMAx standard masks when filling...
2007-07-09 Jeff Garzik [libata] PATA drivers: remove ATA_FLAG_SRST
2007-07-03 Chuck Ebbert pata_ali: fix UDMA settings
2007-05-11 Tejun Heo libata: clean up SFF init mess
2007-05-11 Tejun Heo libata: reimplement suspend/resume support using sdev...
2007-04-28 Alan Cox pata_ali: remove all the crap again and switch to cable...
2007-04-28 Alan Cox libata: Change prototype of mode_filter to remove ata_port*
2007-04-28 Alan libata: dev_config does not need ap and adev passing
2007-03-02 Tejun Heo libata: add missing CONFIG_PM in LLDs
2007-02-26 Jeff Garzik [libata] bump versions
2007-02-09 Akira Iguchi libata: add another IRQ calls (libata drivers)
2007-02-09 Tejun Heo libata: convert to iomap
2007-02-09 Tejun Heo libata: update libata LLDs to use devres
2007-02-09 Tejun Heo libata: use ata_id_c_string()
2007-02-09 Tejun Heo libata: straighten out ATA_ID_* constants
2007-02-09 Jeff Garzik [libata] trim trailing whitespace
2006-12-04 Alan [PATCH] pata_ali: small fixes
2006-12-03 Tejun Heo [PATCH] libata: kill unnecessary sht->max_sectors initi...
2006-12-02 Alan [PATCH] pata_ali: suspend/resume support
2006-12-02 Alan Cox [PATCH] libata: add 40pin "short" cable support, honour...
2006-11-29 Tejun Heo [PATCH] libata: add missing sht->slave_destroy
2006-10-04 Alan Cox [PATCH] pata: teach ali about rev C8, keep pcmcia drive...
2006-09-29 Jeff Garzik [libata] PCI ID table cleanup in various drivers
2006-09-27 Jeff Garzik [libata] Don't use old-EH ->eng_timeout() hook when...
2006-08-31 Jeff Garzik [libata #pata-drivers] Trim trailing whitespace.
2006-08-29 Jeff Garzik [libata] Add a bunch of PATA drivers.