pata_hpt{37x|3x2n}: unify mode programming
[linux-2.6.git] / drivers / ata / ahci.c
2010-02-25 Robert Hancock ahci: disable FPDMA auto-activate optimization on NVIDI...
2010-02-04 Tejun Heo ahci: add Acer G725 to broken suspend list
2009-12-03 Mark Nelson ahci: let users know that Promise PDC42819 support...
2009-12-03 Shaohua Li ahci: disable SNotification capability for ich8
2009-11-03 Mark Nelson ahci: Enable SB600 64bit DMA on MSI K9A2 Platinum v2
2009-10-16 Shane Huang ahci / atiixp / pci quirks: rename AMD SB900 into Hudson-2
2009-10-16 peer chen ahci: Add the AHCI controller Linux Device ID for NVIDI...
2009-10-09 Markus Trippelsdorf ahci: Add ifdef wrapper to ahci_gtf_filter_workaround
2009-10-06 Tejun Heo ahci: filter FPDMA non-zero offset enable for Aspire...
2009-10-06 Robert Hancock ahci: display all AHCI 1.3 HBA capability flags (v2)
2009-10-06 Tejun Heo ahci: disable 64bit DMA by default on SB600s
2009-09-17 Tejun Heo ahci: restore pci_intx() handling
2009-09-11 Shane Huang ahci: kill @force_restart and refine CLO for ahci_kick_...
2009-09-11 Shane Huang ahci: Add AMD SB900 SATA/IDE controller device IDs
2009-09-09 Tejun Heo ahci: Gigabyte GA-MA69VM-S2 can't do 64bit DMA
2009-09-09 Tejun Heo ahci: make ahci_asus_m2a_vm_32bit_only() quirk more...
2009-09-09 Tejun Heo dmi: extend dmi_get_year() to dmi_get_date()
2009-09-01 Matthew Garrett libata: Export AHCI capabilities
2009-09-01 Shaohua Li [libata] add DMA setup FIS auto-activate feature
2009-08-12 Tejun Heo ahci: add workaround for on-board 5723s on some gigabyt...
2009-08-12 Shane Huang ahci: Soften up the dmesg on SB600 PMP softreset failur...
2009-07-29 David Milburn ahci: add device IDs for Ibex Peak ahci controllers
2009-07-15 Mark Goodwin ahci: add device ID for 82801JI sata controller
2009-06-10 Shane Huang [libata] ahci: Restore SB600 SATA controller 64 bit DMA
2009-06-10 Tejun Heo ahci: misc cleanups for EM stuff
2009-06-10 Jeff Garzik [libata] ahci: use less error-prone array initializers
2009-06-05 Tejun Heo ahci: add warning messages for hp laptops with broken...
2009-04-13 Tejun Heo ahci: force CAP_NCQ for earlier NV MCPs
2009-04-07 Linus Torvalds Merge branch 'upstream-linus' of git://git./linux/kerne...
2009-04-07 Yang Hongyang dma-mapping: replace all DMA_32BIT_MASK macro with...
2009-04-07 Yang Hongyang dma-mapping: replace all DMA_64BIT_MASK macro with...
2009-04-07 David Milburn libata: ahci enclosure management bios workaround
2009-03-25 David Milburn [libata] ahci: correct enclosure LED state save
2009-03-25 Erik Inge Bolsø [libata] convert drivers to use ata.h mode mask defines
2009-03-25 Maciej Rutecki ahci: Blacklist HP Compaq 6720s that spins off disks...
2009-03-25 Tejun Heo ahci: drop intx manipulation on msi enable
2009-03-05 peerchen ahci: Add the Device IDs for MCP89 and remove IDs of...
2009-02-03 Arjan van de Ven ahci: add a module parameter to ignore the SSS flags...
2009-01-27 Rafael J. Wysocki SATA AHCI: Blacklist system that spins off disks during...
2009-01-10 Arjan van de Ven libata: Add a per-host flag to opt-in into parallel...
2009-01-08 Shane Huang [libata] ahci: Withdraw IGN_SERR_INTERNAL for SB800...
2009-01-08 Shane Huang [libata] ahci: Add SATA GEN3 related messages
2008-12-29 Tejun Heo libata: beef up iterators
2008-10-28 David Milburn libata: ahci enclosure management bit mask
2008-10-28 David Milburn libata: ahci enclosure management led sync
2008-10-28 Mark Nelson ahci: Add support for Promise PDC42819
2008-09-29 Elias Oltmanns libata: Implement disk shock protection support
2008-09-29 Tejun Heo libata: make SCR access ops per-link
2008-09-08 Seth Heasley ahci: RAID mode SATA patch for Intel Ibex Peak DeviceIDs
2008-09-08 Tejun Heo ahci: disable PMP for marvell ahcis
2008-09-08 Alan Cox ahci, pata_marvell: play nicely together
2008-08-22 Tejun Heo ahci: sis controllers actually can do PMP
2008-08-22 Seth Heasley ahci: RAID mode SATA patch for Intel Ibex Peak DeviceIDs
2008-07-25 Linus Torvalds Fix ahci driver 'flags' type
2008-07-14 Matthew Wilcox AHCI: Remove an unnecessary flush from ahci_qc_issue
2008-07-14 Zhang Rui AHCI: speed up resume
2008-07-14 Kristen Carlson... libata/ahci: enclosure management support
2008-07-05 Tejun Heo ahci: give another shot at clearing all bits in irq_stat
2008-07-04 Tejun Heo ahci: always clear all bits in irq_stat
2008-06-19 Tejun Heo ahci: sis can't do PMP
2008-06-19 Tejun Heo ahci: jmb361 has only one port
2008-06-13 Shane Huang ahci: Workaround HW bug for SB600/700 SATA controller...
2008-06-13 Tejun Heo ahci: workarounds for mcp65
2008-05-30 peerchen ahci: change the Device IDs of nvidia MCP7B AHCI contro...
2008-05-06 Tejun Heo libata: improve post-reset device ready test
2008-04-29 Tejun Heo ahci: SB600 ahci can't do MSI, blacklist that capability
2008-04-25 Tejun Heo ahci: retry enabling AHCI a few times before spitting...
2008-04-20 Tony Jones SCSI: convert struct class_device to struct device
2008-04-17 Tejun Heo libata: move link onlineness check out of softreset...
2008-04-17 Tejun Heo libata: implement PMP helpers
2008-04-17 Tejun Heo libata: don't use ap->ioaddr in non-SFF drivers
2008-04-17 Tejun Heo libata: remove check_status from non-SFF drivers
2008-04-17 Tejun Heo libata: replace tf_read with qc_fill_rtf for non-SFF...
2008-04-17 Tejun Heo libata: drop @finish_qc from ata_qc_complete_multiple()
2008-04-17 Tejun Heo libata: unify mechanism to request follow-up SRST
2008-04-17 Tejun Heo libata: clear SError after link resume
2008-04-17 Tejun Heo libata: move generic hardreset code from sata_sff_hardr...
2008-04-17 Tejun Heo ahci: use ata_wait_after_reset() instead of ata_sff_wai...
2008-04-17 Tejun Heo libata: restructure SFF post-reset readiness waits
2008-04-17 Tejun Heo libata: separate out ata_std_postreset() from ata_sff_p...
2008-04-17 Tejun Heo libata: rename SFF port ops
2008-04-17 Tejun Heo libata: rename SFF functions
2008-04-17 Tejun Heo libata: make reset related methods proper port operations
2008-04-17 Tejun Heo libata: implement and use ops inheritance
2008-04-17 Tejun Heo libata: implement and use SHT initializers
2008-04-17 Tejun Heo libata: normalize port_info, port_operations and sht...
2008-04-17 Tejun Heo libata: implement and use ata_noop_irq_clear()
2008-04-17 Tejun Heo libata: kill ATA_LFLAG_SKIP_D2H_BSY
2008-04-17 Tejun Heo libata: kill ATA_LFLAG_HRST_TO_RESUME
2008-04-17 Tejun Heo libata: prefer hardreset
2008-03-25 Jeff Garzik [libata] ahci: SB600 workaround is suspect... play...
2008-03-17 Jose Alberto Reguero ahci: Add Marvell 6121 SATA support
2008-03-17 Tejun Heo ahci: implement skip_host_reset parameter
2008-03-17 Tejun Heo ahci: request all PCI BARs
2008-03-11 Roel Kluin ahci: logical-bitwise and confusion in ahci_save_initia...
2008-03-11 peerchen ahci: add the Device IDs for nvidia MCP7B AHCI
2008-03-05 Jeff Garzik ahci: work around ATI SB600 h/w quirk
2008-02-24 Shane Huang [libata] ahci: AMD SB700/SB800 SATA support 64bit DMA
2008-02-23 Rafael J. Wysocki PM: Introduce PM_EVENT_HIBERNATE callback state
2008-02-19 James Bottomley libata: eliminate the home grown dma padding in favour of