flag parameters: eventfd
[linux-2.6.git] / arch / x86 / ia32 / ia32entry.S
2008-07-24 Ulrich Drepper flag parameters: eventfd
2008-07-24 Ulrich Drepper flag parameters: signalfd
2008-07-24 Roland McGrath x86_64 ia32 syscall audit fast-path
2008-07-21 Ingo Molnar Merge branches 'x86/urgent', 'x86/amd-iommu', 'x86...
2008-07-16 Roland McGrath x86 ptrace: unify syscall tracing
2008-07-16 Jeremy Fitzhardinge x86_64: adjust exception frame in ia32entry
2008-07-09 Glauber Costa x86: rename threadinfo to TI.
2008-07-08 Jeremy Fitzhardinge x86/paravirt: groundwork for 64-bit Xen support, fix
2008-07-08 Jeremy Fitzhardinge x86, 64-bit: ia32entry: replace privileged instructions...
2008-07-08 Jeremy Fitzhardinge x86/paravirt: add sysret/sysexit pvops for returning...
2008-06-19 Jan Beulich x86-64: remove unnecessary ptregs call stubs
2008-04-26 Roland McGrath x86_64 ia32 ptrace: convert to compat_arch_ptrace
2008-04-17 Roland McGrath x86: ia32 ptrace vs -ENOSYS sysenter/syscall
2008-04-17 Roland McGrath x86: ia32 ptrace vs -ENOSYS
2008-02-05 Davide Libenzi timerfd: wire the new timerfd API to the x86 family
2008-01-30 Roland McGrath x86: TLS cleanup
2008-01-30 Roland McGrath x86 vDSO: ia32 sysenter_return
2007-11-10 Chuck Ebbert x86 - 32-bit ptrace emulation mishandles 6th arg
2007-10-11 Thomas Gleixner x86_64: move ia32