clocksource: pass clocksource to read() callback
[linux-2.6.git] / arch / sh / kernel / timers / timer-tmu.c
2009-04-21 Magnus Damm clocksource: pass clocksource to read() callback
2009-03-30 Rusty Russell cpumask: remove references to struct irqaction's mask...
2009-03-03 Kuninori Morimoto sh: Add support for SH7786 CPU subtype.
2009-01-29 Magnus Damm sh: tmu disable support
2009-01-29 Magnus Damm sh: rework clocksource and sched_clock
2008-12-13 Rusty Russell cpumask: convert struct clock_event_device to cpumask...
2008-11-13 Francesco VIRLINZI sh: Fixed the TMU0 reload value on resume
2008-09-08 Francesco Virlinzi sh: fix the TMU code to allow a fully running NO_HZ...
2008-07-28 Adrian Bunk sh/kernel/ cleanups
2008-01-28 Yoshihiro Shimoda sh: Add support for SH7721 CPU subtype.
2007-09-21 Markus Brunner sh: Add SH7720 CPU support.
2007-07-26 Magnus Damm sh: remove support for sh7300 and solution engine 7300
2007-07-22 Thomas Gleixner clockevents: fix resume logic
2007-06-20 Paul Mundt sh: Preliminary support for the SH-X3 CPU.
2007-05-09 Paul Mundt sh: clockevent/clocksource/hrtimers/nohz TMU support.
2007-05-08 Bernhard Walle Add IRQF_IRQPOLL flag on sh
2007-05-07 Paul Mundt sh: Add SH7785 Highlander board support (R7785RP).
2006-12-06 Paul Mundt sh: Clock framework tidying.
2006-12-06 Paul Mundt sh: Turn off IRQs around get_timer_offset() calls.
2006-12-06 Paul Mundt sh: Configurable timer IRQ.
2006-10-06 Paul Mundt sh: Updates for IRQ handler changes.
2006-10-06 Paul Mundt sh: Kill off timer_ops get_frequency().
2006-09-27 Paul Mundt sh: Rename rtc_get/set_time() to avoid RTC_CLASS conflict.
2006-09-27 Andriy Skulysh sh: APM/PM support.
2006-07-02 Thomas Gleixner [PATCH] irq-flags: SH: Use the new IRQF_ constants
2006-01-17 Paul Mundt [PATCH] sh: Simple timer framework