bitops: remove ext2 non-atomic bitops from asm/bitops.h
[linux-2.6.git] / arch / sh / include / mach-kfr2r09
2010-11-29 Simon Horman sh, mmc: Make mmcif_update_progress static inline
2010-08-04 Guennadi Liakhovetski sh: add a parameter to LCDC driver's .display_on()...
2010-05-31 Magnus Damm sh: add romImage MMCIF boot for sh7724 and Ecovec V2
2009-12-09 Magnus Damm sh: LCDC start_transfer() for the KFR2R09 board
2009-09-15 Kuninori Morimoto sh: kfr2r09: document the PLL/FLL <-> RF relationship.
2009-09-11 Kuninori Morimoto sh: add romimage-macros.h
2009-08-20 Magnus Damm sh: jump to p1 during boot on kfr2r09
2009-08-20 Magnus Damm sh: invalidate icache and tlbs during boot on kfr2r09
2009-08-18 Kuninori Morimoto sh: mach-kfr2409: add FLLFRQ value for PLL correction.
2009-08-06 Magnus Damm sh: fix romImage mach dir usage
2009-08-06 Magnus Damm sh: kfr2r09 board support - LCDC panel
2009-07-29 Magnus Damm sh: kfr2r09 romImage support V2