Merge branch 'for-rmk/samsung6' of git:// into devel-stable
[linux-2.6.git] / arch / sh / include / asm / ftrace.h
2009-10-14 Paul Mundt sh: Provide CALLER_ADDRx definitions even when ftrace...
2009-10-13 Paul Mundt sh: Generalize CALLER_ADDRx support.
2009-10-11 Matt Fleming sh: tracing: Use the DWARF unwinder for CALLER_ADDRx
2009-08-25 Paul Mundt sh: Fix an off-by-1 in FTRACE_SYSCALL_MAX.
2009-08-24 Paul Mundt sh: Move the FTRACE_SYSCALL_MAX definition in to asm...
2009-07-11 Matt Fleming sh: Function graph tracer support
2009-07-06 Matt Fleming sh: Fix the value of MCOUNT_INSN_OFFSET
2008-12-22 Paul Mundt sh: Provide a dyn_arch_ftrace struct definition.
2008-12-22 Matt Fleming sh: dynamic ftrace support.
2008-11-03 Steven Rostedt ftrace: fix hardirq header for non ftrace archs
2008-10-31 Steven Rostedt ftrace: nmi safe code clean ups
2008-10-30 Steven Rostedt ftrace: nmi safe code modification
2008-09-21 Paul Mundt sh: Add missing asm/ftrace.h.