[S390] rename lowcore field
[linux-2.6.git] / arch / s390 / include / asm / sigp.h
2011-12-27 Martin Schwidefsky [S390] outstanding interrupts vs. smp_send_stop
2010-02-26 Gerald Schaefer [S390] spinlock: check virtual cpu running status
2010-02-26 Heiko Carstens [S390] smp: rework sigp code
2010-01-13 Heiko Carstens [S390] Move __cpu_logical_map to smp.c
2010-01-13 Heiko Carstens [S390] smp: remove volatile type quilifier from __cpu_l...
2008-12-25 Heiko Carstens [S390] convert s390 to generic IPI infrastructure
2008-08-01 Martin Schwidefsky [S390] move include/asm-s390 to arch/s390/include/asm