powerpc: Enable GCOV
[linux-2.6.git] / arch / powerpc / kernel / Makefile
2009-08-20 Michael Ellerman powerpc: Enable GCOV
2009-08-20 Benjamin Herrenschmidt powerpc: Remaining 64-bit Book3E support
2009-06-20 Linus Torvalds Merge branch 'perfcounters-fixes-for-linus' of git...
2009-06-18 Paul Mackerras perf_counter: powerpc: Add processor back-end for MPC74...
2009-06-18 Paul Mackerras perf_counter: powerpc: Enable use of software counters...
2009-06-16 Michael Ellerman powerpc: Add configurable -Werror for arch/powerpc
2009-06-15 Michael Ellerman powerpc: Only build prom_init.o when CONFIG_PPC_OF_BOOT...
2009-06-12 Benjamin Herrenschmidt Merge commit 'origin/master' into next
2009-06-11 Paul Mackerras perf_counters: powerpc: Add support for POWER7 processors
2009-06-09 Becky Bruce powerpc: Add support for swiotlb on 32-bit
2009-06-09 Benjamin Herrenschmidt powerpc: Move VMX and VSX asm code to vector.S
2009-04-06 Ingo Molnar Merge branch 'linus' into perfcounters/core-v2
2009-03-11 Benjamin Herrenschmidt powerpc/kconfig: Kill PPC_MULTIPLATFORM
2009-03-06 Paul Mackerras perfcounters/powerpc: add support for POWER4 processors
2009-03-06 Paul Mackerras perfcounters/powerpc: add support for POWER5+ processors
2009-02-26 Paul Mackerras perfcounters/powerpc: Add support for POWER5 processors
2009-02-23 Kumar Gala powerpc: Add support for using doorbells for SMP IPI
2009-02-22 Steven Rostedt powerpc64: port of the function graph tracer
2009-01-29 Kumar Gala powerpc/fsl-booke: Cleanup init/exception setup to...
2009-01-11 Ingo Molnar Merge branch 'master' of git://git./linux/kernel/git...
2009-01-10 Paul Mackerras powerpc/perf_counter: Add support for POWER6
2009-01-10 Paul Mackerras powerpc/perf_counter: Add support for PPC970 family
2009-01-10 Paul Mackerras powerpc/perf_counter: Add generic support for POWER...
2009-01-08 Nathan Lynch powerpc: Rewrite sysfs processor cache info code
2008-12-29 Linus Torvalds Merge branch 'next' of git://git./linux/kernel/git...
2008-12-23 Anton Vorontsov powerpc/32/kdump: Implement crash_setup_regs() using...
2008-12-23 Anton Vorontsov powerpc: Prepare xmon_save_regs for use with kdump
2008-11-28 Steven Rostedt powerpc/ppc32: static ftrace fixes for PPC32
2008-10-20 Steven Rostedt ftrace: rename FTRACE to FUNCTION_TRACER
2008-09-24 Becky Bruce powerpc: Merge 32 and 64-bit dma code
2008-09-24 Becky Bruce powerpc: Move iommu dma ops from dma.c to dma-iommu.c
2008-09-24 Becky Bruce powerpc: Rename dma_64.c to dma.c
2008-09-15 Paul Mackerras powerpc: Make the 64-bit kernel as a position-independe...
2008-09-10 Paul Mackerras Merge branch 'linux-2.6'
2008-09-03 Tony Breeds powerpc: Work around gcc's -fno-omit-frame-pointer bug
2008-08-20 Benjamin Herrenschmidt powerpc: Expose PMCs & cache topology in sysfs on 32-bit
2008-08-04 Kumar Gala powerpc: Remove use of CONFIG_PPC_MERGE
2008-07-23 Jason Wessel kgdb, powerpc: arch specific powerpc kgdb support
2008-07-15 Benjamin Herrenschmidt Merge commit '85082fd7cbe3173198aac0eb5e85ab1edcc6352c...
2008-07-01 Kumar Gala powerpc: Move common module code into its own file
2008-06-26 Kumar Gala powerpc/85xx: add DOZE/NAP support for e500 core
2008-05-23 Steven Rostedt ftrace: support for PowerPC
2008-05-12 Segher Boessenkool [POWERPC] ppc: Don't run prom_init_check for arch/ppc...
2008-04-29 Zhang Wei [RAPIDIO] Add OF-tree support to RapidIO controller...
2008-04-24 Michael Ellerman [POWERPC] Discourage people from fiddling with kernel...
2008-04-21 Linus Torvalds Merge branch 'master' of git://git./linux/kernel/git...
2008-04-18 Christoph Hellwig [POWERPC] Stacktrace support for lockdep
2008-04-17 Matthew Wilcox Generic semaphore implementation
2008-02-14 Kumar Gala [POWERPC] Remove generated files on make clean
2008-02-07 Roland McGrath [POWERPC] Switch to generic compat_binfmt_elf code
2008-02-07 Roland McGrath [POWERPC] Add user_regset_view definitions
2008-01-24 Kumar Gala [POWERPC] Move RapidIO support code from arch/ppc
2008-01-17 Stephen Rothwell [POWERPC] Check that the syscall table matches the...
2007-12-20 Stephen Rothwell [POWERPC] Stop the TOC overflowing for large builds
2007-10-04 Scott Wood [POWERPC] 8xx: Move softemu8xx.c from arch/ppc
2007-10-04 Paul Mackerras [PPC] Use cpu setup routines from cpu_setup_44x.S for...
2007-10-03 Valentine Barshak [POWERPC] 4xx: Introduce cpu_setup functionality to...
2007-10-02 Stephen Rothwell [POWERPC] Create and use CONFIG_WORD_SIZE
2007-10-02 Domen Puncer [POWERPC] clk.h interface for platforms
2007-08-22 Stephen Rothwell [POWERPC] iSeries: Clean up lparmap mess
2007-08-20 Josh Boyer [POWERPC] Rename 4xx paths to 40x
2007-08-15 Roland McGrath [POWERPC] Fix for assembler -g
2007-07-29 Rafael J. Wysocki Replace CONFIG_SOFTWARE_SUSPEND with CONFIG_HIBERNATION
2007-06-29 Kumar Gala [POWERPC] Use global_number in ppc32 pci_controller
2007-06-14 Benjamin Herrenschmidt [POWERPC] Make syscall restart code more common
2007-06-14 Benjamin Herrenschmidt [POWERPC] Rewrite IO allocation & mapping on powerpc64
2007-05-08 Michael Ellerman [POWERPC] PowerPC MSI infrastructure
2007-05-08 Paul Mackerras Merge branch 'linux-2.6'
2007-05-07 Johannes Berg [POWERPC] powermac: Suspend to disk on G5
2007-05-02 Vivek Goyal [PATCH] x86: Move swsusp __pa() dependent code to arch...
2007-05-02 Johannes Berg [POWERPC] Fix suspend states again
2007-03-09 Stephen Rothwell [POWERPC] Allow pSeries to build without CONFIG_PCI
2007-02-07 Olof Johansson [POWERPC] pasemi: Idle loops
2006-12-08 Stephen Rothwell [POWERPC] iSeries: head_64.o needs to depend on lparmap.s
2006-12-04 Stephen Rothwell [POWERPC] iSeries: don't build head_64.o unnecessarily
2006-12-04 Benjamin Herrenschmidt [POWERPC] Merge 32 and 64 bits asm-powerpc/io.h
2006-12-04 Benjamin Herrenschmidt [POWERPC] Allow hooking of PCI MMIO ...
2006-12-04 Benjamin Herrenschmidt [POWERPC] Refactor 64 bits DMA operations
2006-12-04 Benjamin Herrenschmidt [POWERPC] Souped-up of_platform_device support
2006-12-04 Benjamin Herrenschmidt [POWERPC] Generic DCR infrastructure
2006-12-04 Paul Mackerras Merge branch 'linux-2.6' into for-linus
2006-11-13 s.hauer@pengutronix.de [PATCH] Make nvram_64.o a 64bit-only object
2006-11-01 Andy Fleming [POWERPC] Fix oprofile support for e500 in arch/powerpc
2006-09-20 Stephen Rothwell [POWERPC] convert string i/o operations to C
2006-09-13 Paul Mackerras Merge branch 'linux-2.6'
2006-09-11 Al Viro [PATCH] syscall classes hookup for ppc and s390
2006-08-25 Paul Mackerras Merge branch 'merge'
2006-08-25 Olof Johansson [POWERPC] Rename cpu_setup_power4.S to cpu_setup_ppc970.S
2006-08-17 Michael Ellerman [POWERPC] Make crash.c work on 32-bit and 64-bit
2006-06-28 Stephen Rothwell [POWERPC] Consolidate some of kernel/misc*.S
2006-04-18 Paul Mackerras powerpc: Use correct sequence for putting CPU into...
2006-03-27 Paul Mackerras powerpc: Move perfmon_fsl_booke.c over to arch/powerpc
2006-03-27 Paul Mackerras powerpc: Move module.c over to arch/powerpc
2006-03-27 Paul Mackerras powerpc: Move cpu_setup_6xx.S and temp.c over to arch...
2006-03-27 Paul Mackerras powerpc: Move l2cr.S over to arch/powerpc
2006-03-27 Paul Mackerras powerpc: Unify the 32 and 64 bit idle loops
2006-02-10 Paul Mackerras ppc: Use the system call table from arch/powerpc/kernel...
2006-01-15 Paul Mackerras powerpc/32: Restore previous version of 32-bit PCI...
2006-01-12 Paul Mackerras powerpc: make ARCH=ppc use arch/powerpc/kernel/process.c
2006-01-11 Michael Ellerman [PATCH] powerpc: Don't build crash.c for PPC32