powerpc: Enable lockup and hung task detectors in pseries and ppc64 defeconfigs
[linux-2.6.git] / arch / powerpc / include /
2011-07-08 Becky Bruce powerpc: Create next_tlbcam_idx percpu variable for...
2011-07-01 Michael Ellerman powerpc: Add jump label support
2011-07-01 Benjamin Herrenschmidt powerpc/hvsi: Fix conflict with old HVSI driver
2011-07-01 Benjamin Herrenschmidt powerpc: Fix build problem with default ppc_md.progress...
2011-06-30 Dave Carroll powerpc: Add printk companion for ppc_md.progress
2011-06-30 Benjamin Herrenschmidt Merge remote branch 'origin/master' into next
2011-06-29 Benjamin Herrenschmidt powerpc/pseries: Move hvsi support into a library
2011-06-29 Benjamin Herrenschmidt powerpc/pseries: Re-implement HVSI as part of hvc_vio
2011-06-29 Benjamin Herrenschmidt powerpc/pseries: Factor HVSI header struct in packet...
2011-06-29 Benjamin Herrenschmidt powerpc/hvsi: Move HVSI protocol definitions to a heade...
2011-06-29 Akinobu Mita powerpc/pseries: Introduce pSeries_reconfig_notify()
2011-06-29 Becky Bruce powerpc: Whitespace fix to include/asm/pgtable-ppc64.h
2011-06-29 Scott Wood powerpc/book3e-64: use a separate TLB handler when...
2011-06-29 Scott Wood powerpc/book3e-64: Reraise doorbell when masked by...
2011-06-27 KAMEZAWA Hiroyuki Fix node_start/end_pfn() definition for mm/page_cgroup.c
2011-06-27 Ashish Kalra powerpc: introduce the ePAPR embedded hypervisor vmpic...
2011-06-27 Timur Tabi powerpc: introduce ePAPR embedded hypervisor hcall...
2011-06-23 Stuart Yoder powerpc: make irq_choose_cpu() available to all PIC...
2011-06-23 Ashish Kalra powerpc/85xx: Save scratch registers to thread info...
2011-06-20 Michael Neuling powerpc: Fix doorbell type shift
2011-06-17 Matt Evans powerpc: Fix early boot accounting of CPUs
2011-06-09 Benjamin Herrenschmidt Merge remote branch 'kumar/merge' into merge
2011-06-02 Kumar Gala powerpc/fsl_rio: Fix compile error when CONFIG_FSL_RIO...
2011-05-28 Linus Torvalds Merge branch 'setns'
2011-05-28 Eric W. Biederman ns: Wire up the setns system call
2011-05-27 Linus Torvalds Merge branch 'for-linus' of git://git./linux/kernel...
2011-05-26 Benjamin Herrenschmidt Merge remote branch 'kumar/merge' into merge
2011-05-26 Milton Miller powerpc/cell: Use common smp ipi actions
2011-05-26 Brian King powerpc/pseries: Update MAX_HCALL_OPCODE to reflect...
2011-05-26 Ian Munsie powerpc/ftrace: Implement raw syscall tracepoints on...
2011-05-25 Peter Zijlstra mm, powerpc: move the RCU page-table freeing into gener...
2011-05-25 Peter Zijlstra powerpc: mmu_gather rework
2011-05-24 Rafael J. Wysocki PM / Hibernate: Remove arch_prepare_suspend()
2011-05-23 Linus Torvalds Merge branch 'for-linus' of git://git./linux/kernel...
2011-05-23 Linus Torvalds Merge branch 'kvm-updates/2.6.40' of git://git./virt...
2011-05-22 Scott Wood KVM: PPC: booke: add sregs support
2011-05-22 Scott Wood KVM: PPC: booke: save/restore VRSAVE (a.k.a. USPRG0)
2011-05-22 Scott Wood KVM: PPC: e500: emulate SVR
2011-05-20 Linus Torvalds Merge git://git./linux/kernel/git/davem/net-next-2.6
2011-05-20 Shaohui Xie powerpc/fsl_rio: move machine_check handler
2011-05-20 Shengzhou Liu powerpc/fsl_lbc: Add workaround for ELBC-A001 erratum
2011-05-20 Benjamin Herrenschmidt Merge remote branch 'origin/master' into merge
2011-05-20 Benjamin Herrenschmidt Merge remote branch 'kumar/next' into next
2011-05-20 Paul Mackerras powerpc/kvm: Fix the build for 32-bit Book 3S (classic...
2011-05-19 Benjamin Herrenschmidt Merge branch 'merge' into next
2011-05-19 Scott Wood powerpc/mpic: add the mpic global timer support
2011-05-19 Scott Wood powerpc/mpic: parse 4-cell intspec types other than...
2011-05-19 Scott Wood powerpc/e5500: set non-base IVORs
2011-05-19 Kumar Gala powerpc/fsl-booke64: Add support for Debug Level except...
2011-05-19 Kumar Gala Merge remote branch 'benh/merge' into benh-next
2011-05-19 Milton Miller powerpc: Remove virq_to_host
2011-05-19 Milton Miller powerpc: Add virq_is_host to reduce virq_to_host usage
2011-05-19 Milton Miller powerpc: Remove irq_host_ops->remap hook
2011-05-19 Milton Miller powerpc: Add kconfig for muxed smp ipi support
2011-05-19 Milton Miller powerpc: Consolidate ipi message mux and demux
2011-05-19 Milton Miller powerpc: Move smp_ops_t from machdep.h to smp.h
2011-05-19 Milton Miller powerpc: Remove alloc_maybe_bootmem for zalloc version
2011-05-19 Milton Miller powerpc: Remove checks for MSG_ALL and MSG_ALL_BUT_SELF
2011-05-19 Milton Miller powerpc: Remove call sites of MSG_ALL_BUT_SELF
2011-05-19 Anton Blanchard powerpc: Remove ioremap_flags
2011-05-19 Anton Blanchard powerpc: Add ioremap_wc
2011-05-19 Anton Blanchard powerpc: Simplify 4k/64k copy_page logic
2011-05-19 Stratos Psomadakis powerpc/mm: Fix compiler warning in pgtable-ppc64.h...
2011-05-19 Nishanth Aravamudan powerpc: Ensure dtl buffers do not cross 4k boundary
2011-05-17 Rafael J. Wysocki Merge branch 'syscore' into for-linus
2011-05-11 Rafael J. Wysocki PM / PowerPC: Use struct syscore_ops instead of sysdevs...
2011-05-11 Bharat Bhushan KVM: PPC: Fix issue clearing exit timing counters
2011-05-10 Justin P. Mattock treewide: fix a few typos in comments
2011-05-06 Jack Miller powerpc: Add early debug for WSP platforms
2011-05-06 David Gibson powerpc: Add WSP platform
2011-05-06 Benjamin Herrenschmidt powerpc: Rename slb0_limit() to safe_stack_limit()...
2011-05-06 Tseng-Hui (Frank... powerpc/pseries: Add support for IO event interrupts
2011-05-06 Tseng-Hui (Frank... powerpc/pseries: Add RTAS event log v6 definition
2011-05-05 Anton Blanchard net: Add sendmmsg socket system call
2011-05-04 Brian King powerpc/pseries: Add page coalescing support
2011-05-04 KOSAKI Motohiro powerpc: Convert old cpumask API into new one
2011-05-04 Paul Mackerras powerpc: Save Come-From Address Register (CFAR) in...
2011-05-04 Paul Mackerras powerpc: Save register r9-r13 values accurately on...
2011-05-04 Tseng-Hui (Frank... powerpc: Add Initiate Coprocessor Store Word (icswx...
2011-05-04 Michael Neuling powerpc: Use new CPU feature bit to select 2.06 tlbie
2011-05-04 Grant Likely powerpc/irq: Stop exporting irq_map
2011-05-03 Linus Torvalds Merge git://git./linux/kernel/git/davem/net-2.6
2011-04-27 Lucas De Marchi Revert wrong fixes for common misspellings
2011-04-27 Matt Evans powerpc: Free up some CPU feature bits by moving out...
2011-04-27 Michael Ellerman powerpc/book3e: Fix extlb size
2011-04-27 Michael Ellerman powerpc: Add MSR_64BIT
2011-04-27 Michael Ellerman powerpc/pci: Make IO workarounds init implicit when...
2011-04-27 Michael Ellerman powerpc/pci: Move IO workarounds to the common kernel dir
2011-04-27 Michael Ellerman powerpc/pci: Split IO vs MMIO indirect access hooks
2011-04-27 Alexey Kardashevskiy powerpc: Per process DSCR + some fixes (try#4)
2011-04-27 Jack Miller powerpc/book3e: Flush IPROT protected TLB entries lefto...
2011-04-27 Benjamin Herrenschmidt powerpc: Add TLB size detection for TYPE_3E MMUs
2011-04-27 Benjamin Herrenschmidt powerpc: Add A2 cpu support
2011-04-21 Andrea Galbusera powerpc: Fix multicast problem in fs_enet driver
2011-04-20 Michael Ellerman powerpc/xics: Move irq_host matching into the ics backend
2011-04-20 Benjamin Herrenschmidt powerpc: Add SCOM infrastructure
2011-04-20 Michael Ellerman powerpc/xics: xics.h relies on linux/interrupt.h
2011-04-20 Benjamin Herrenschmidt powerpc/a2: Add some #defines for A2 specific instructions
2011-04-20 Michael Ellerman powerpc/smp: smp_ops->kick_cpu() should be able to...
2011-04-20 Michael Ellerman powerpc/mm: Fix slice state initialization for Book3E