Merge git://
[linux-2.6.git] / arch / powerpc / configs / 85xx /
2012-03-29 Grant Likely irqdomain/powerpc: updated defconfigs for VIRQ_DEBUG...
2012-03-16 Martyn Welch powerpc/85xx: Board support for GE IMP3A
2011-09-22 Wolfram Sang gpio: move mpc8xxx/512x gpio driver to drivers/gpio
2011-08-31 Kim Phillips powerpc/85xx: enable caam crypto driver by default
2011-06-23 Roy Zang powerpc/85xx: Add basic P1023RDS board support
2011-05-19 Scott Wood powerpc/fsl: enable verbose bug output
2011-01-21 David Rientjes kconfig: rename CONFIG_EMBEDDED to CONFIG_EXPERT
2010-08-09 Benjamin Herrenschmidt powerpc: Trim defconfigs
2010-04-20 Kumar Gala powerpc: 2.6.34 update of defconfigs for embedded 6xx...
2010-04-20 Kim Phillips powerpc/mpc8xxx defconfigs - turn off SYSFS_DEPRECATED
2010-01-06 Kumar Gala powerpc: 2.6.33 update of defconfigs for embedded 6xx...
2009-11-05 Kumar Gala powerpc: 2.6.32 update of defconfigs for embedded 6xx...
2009-07-30 Kumar Gala powerpc: Update defconfigs for embedded 6xx/7xxx, 8xx...
2009-06-16 Nate Case powerpc/85xx: Add defconfig for X-ES MPC85xx boards
2009-05-13 Kumar Gala powerpc/85xx: Update defconfigs
2009-04-21 Kumar Gala powerpc/85xx: Remove defconfigs that mpc85xx_{smp_...
2009-04-07 Wolfgang Grandegger powerpc/85xx: TQM8548: update defconfig
2009-03-27 Wolfgang Grandegger powerpc/85xx: Add support for the "socrates" board...
2009-01-28 Benjamin Herrenschmidt Merge commit 'kumar/kumar-merge' into merge
2009-01-27 Kumar Gala powerpc/85xx: Update defconfigs
2009-01-26 Jean Delvare eeprom: More consistent symbol names
2008-12-30 Kumar Gala powerpc/85xx: Add SMP support to MPC8572 DS
2008-11-08 Kumar Gala powerpc: Updated Freescale PPC related defconfigs
2008-08-21 Kumar Gala powerpc: Update defconfigs for FSL PPC boards
2008-07-16 Timur Tabi powerpc: fix ALSA options in Freescale 85xx and 86xx...
2008-07-14 Wolfgang Grandegger powerpc/85xx: TQM8548: add missing support for RTC...
2008-06-30 Paul Mackerras Merge branch 'linux-2.6'
2008-06-10 Wolfgang Grandegger powerpc/85xx: add board support for the TQM8548 modules
2008-06-09 Kumar Gala [POWERPC] Updated Freescale PPC defconfigs
2008-04-17 Sebastian Siewior [POWERPC] 85xx: Enable DMA engine on the MPC8544 DS
2008-04-17 Kumar Gala [POWERPC] 83xx/85xx: Reorganize defconfigs