regmap: add support for non contiguous status to regmap-irq
[linux-2.6.git] / arch / blackfin / mach-bf561 /
2012-04-06 Varun Wadekar Merge branch '3.4-rc1' into android-tegra-nv-3.3-rebased
2012-03-21 Scott Jiang bf561: add ppi DLEN macro for 10bits to 16bits
2012-03-21 Bob Liu blackfin: bf561: forgot CSYNC in get_core_lock_noflush
2012-03-21 Steven Miao BF561 MDMA : fixed BF561 DMA MMRs definition mismatch
2012-01-09 Bob Liu blackfin: bf561: add adv7183 capture support
2012-01-09 Aaron Wu blackfin: i2c-lcd: change default clock rate
2012-01-09 Sonic Zhang blackfin: config: update macro SPI_BFIN in board file
2012-01-09 Bob Liu blackfin: smp: cleanup smp code
2012-01-09 Bob Liu blackfin: smp: add suspend and wakeup irq flags
2011-11-14 Sonic Zhang Blackfin: add serial TX IRQ in individual platform...
2011-10-26 Yong Zhang Blackfin: irq: remove IRQF_DISABLED
2011-07-23 Mike Frysinger Blackfin: gpio: punt unused GPIO_# defines
2011-07-23 Mike Frysinger Blackfin: update anomaly lists to latest public info
2011-07-23 Mike Frysinger Blackfin: optimize double fault boot checking
2011-07-23 Mike Frysinger Blackfin: SMP: optimize start up code a bit
2011-07-23 Mike Frysinger Blackfin: boards: clean up redundant/dead spi resources
2011-07-23 Mike Frysinger Blackfin: net2272: move pin setup to boards files
2011-05-28 Mike Frysinger Blackfin: mach/bfin_serial_5xx.h: punt now-unused header
2011-05-28 Linus Torvalds Merge git://
2011-05-25 KOSAKI Motohiro Blackfin: don't touch cpu_possible_map and cpu_present_...
2011-05-25 Mike Frysinger Blackfin: bf548-ezkit/bf561-ezkit: update nor flash...
2011-05-25 Mike Frysinger Blackfin: update anomaly lists to latest public info
2011-05-25 Mike Frysinger Blackfin: SMP: fix cpudata cache setup
2011-05-25 Mike Frysinger Blackfin: bf533/bf537/bf561: convert to BFIN_IRQ helper
2011-05-25 Mike Frysinger Blackfin: clean up style in irq defines
2011-05-25 Mike Frysinger Blackfin: unify core IRQ definitions
2011-05-25 Jamie Iles mtd: bfin: convert to mtd_device_register()
2011-03-29 Thomas Gleixner bfin: Final irq cleanup
2011-03-23 Graf Yang Blackfin: SMP: flush CoreB cache when shutting down
2011-03-18 Mike Frysinger Blackfin: SMP: convert to irq chip functions
2011-03-18 Thomas Gleixner Blackfin: use proper wrapper functions for modifying...
2011-03-18 Sonic Zhang Blackfin: SMP: work around anomaly 05000491
2011-03-18 Graf Yang Blackfin: SMP: implement cpu_freq support
2011-03-18 Sonic Zhang Blackfin: SMP: avoid section mismatch warnings
2011-01-10 Mike Frysinger Blackfin: boards: add missing "static" to peripheral...
2011-01-10 Sonic Zhang Blackfin: SMP: kgdb: apply anomaly 257 work around
2011-01-10 Sonic Zhang Blackfin: SMP: kgdb: flush core internal write buffer...
2011-01-10 Mike Frysinger Blackfin: bf561: SMP: add multicore pll handlers
2011-01-10 Mike Frysinger Blackfin: unify pll.h headers
2011-01-10 Yi Li Blackfin: SMP: rewrite IPI handling to avoid memory...
2011-01-10 Graf Yang Blackfin: bf561: fix mem_map.h SMP overrides
2011-01-10 Graf Yang Blackfin: SMP: tweak platform_request_ipi() usage
2011-01-10 Mike Frysinger Blackfin: bf561: update a few more SIC_SYSCR locations
2011-01-10 Mike Frysinger Blackfin: drop asm/irq.h include from mach headers
2011-01-10 Mike Frysinger Blackfin: clean up mach header includes
2011-01-10 Mike Frysinger Blackfin: push gpio (port) defines into common headers
2011-01-10 Mike Frysinger Blackfin: dma: constify MMR pointer array
2011-01-10 Mike Frysinger Blackfin: standardize DMAC traffic control MMRs ...
2011-01-10 Mike Frysinger Blackfin: bfin_serial.h: unify heavily duplicated seria...
2011-01-10 Graf Yang Blackfin: SMP: fix hotplug building after irq header...
2010-10-23 Linus Torvalds Merge branch 'for-linus' of git://git./linux/kernel...
2010-10-22 Mike Frysinger Blackfin: bf561: rewrite SICA_xxx to just SIC_xxx
2010-10-22 Mike Frysinger Blackfin: coreb: update ioctl numbers
2010-10-22 Mike Frysinger Blackfin: coreb: add gpl module license
2010-10-22 Linus Torvalds Merge branch 'llseek' of git://git./linux/kernel/git...
2010-10-22 Mike Frysinger Blackfin: i2c-gpio boards: use GPIO_PF# defines
2010-10-22 Barry Song Blackfin: bf561-ezkit: add AD1836 codec resources
2010-10-22 Michael Hennerich Blackfin: boards: use proper irq flags with isp1362-hcd
2010-10-22 Valentin Yakovenkov Blackfin: bf561-acvilon: fix NAND resources
2010-10-22 Barry Song Blackfin: boards: update AD183x resources
2010-10-22 Mike Frysinger Blackfin: punt short SPI MMR bit names
2010-10-15 Arnd Bergmann llseek: automatically add .llseek fop
2010-10-07 David Howells Blackfin: Rename IRQ flags handling functions
2010-10-07 David Howells Blackfin: Split PLL code from mach-specific cdef headers
2010-08-27 Mike Frysinger Blackfin: punt duplicate SPORT MMR defines
2010-08-12 Marek Vasut BFIN: Fix gen_nand probe structures contents
2010-08-06 Mike Frysinger Blackfin: gpio/portmux: clean up whitespace corruption
2010-08-06 Mike Frysinger Blackfin: add a GPIO_DEFAULT_BOOT_SPI_CS
2010-08-06 Mike Frysinger Blackfin: update anomaly lists to latest public info
2010-05-22 Wolfram Sang Blackfin: acvilon: fix timeout usage for I2C
2010-03-09 Barry Song Blackfin: rename AD1836 to AD183X in board files
2010-03-09 Michael Hennerich Blackfin: increase NR_IRQS beyond NR on-chip IRQs
2010-03-09 Graf Yang Blackfin: SMP: add PM/CPU hotplug support
2010-03-09 Yi Li Blackfin: SMP: make core timers per-cpu clock events...
2010-03-09 Graf Yang Blackfin: drop cpu_callin_map on SMP systems
2010-03-09 Valentin Yakovenkov Blackfin: bf561-acvilon: save the smsc911x mac address
2010-03-09 Sonic Zhang Blackfin: add UART/SPORT early platform resources
2010-03-09 Sonic Zhang Blackfin: move on-chip UART resources to boards files
2009-12-15 Mike Frysinger Blackfin: drop unused ax88180 resources
2009-12-15 Yi Li Blackfin: SMP: don't start up core b until its state...
2009-12-15 Valentin Yakovenkov Blackfin: add support for the Acvilon BF561 board
2009-12-15 Mike Frysinger Blackfin: unify DMA masks
2009-12-15 Michael Hennerich Blackfin: fix typo in isp1760 platform name
2009-12-15 Mike Frysinger Blackfin: unify duplicated power masks
2009-12-15 Mike Frysinger Blackfin: coreb: switched to unlocked_ioctl
2009-11-25 Mike Frysinger Blackfin: work around testset anomaly 05000477
2009-11-25 Mike Frysinger Blackfin: update anomaly lists
2009-10-08 Mike Frysinger Blackfin: drop all simple-gpio board resources
2009-10-07 Robin Getz Blackfin: mass clean up of copyright/licensing info
2009-10-01 Alexey Dobriyan const: constify remaining file_operations
2009-09-17 Harald Krapfenbauer Blackfin: update cm board resources
2009-09-17 Barry Song Blackfin: delete '-spi' suffix in ad1836/ad1938 driver...
2009-09-17 Mike Frysinger Blackfin: drop board resources for dead devices (pbx...
2009-09-17 Yi Li Blackfin: cleanup sync handling when enabling/disabling...
2009-09-17 Yi Li Blackfin: update anomaly lists
2009-09-17 Michael Hennerich Blackfin: convert boards to use platform data with...
2009-09-17 Graf Yang Blackfin: improve double fault debug handling
2009-07-20 Sonic Zhang blackfin: fix wrong CTS inversion
2009-07-16 Sonic Zhang Blackfin: fix wrong CTS inversion
2009-07-16 Mike Frysinger Blackfin: handle BF561 Core B memory regions better...