h8300: Convert to new irq_chip functions
[linux-2.6.git] / arch / arm / vfp / vfpsingle.c
2007-04-22 Russell King [ARM] Remove unnecessary asm/ptrace.h from VFP support...
2006-10-03 Frederik Deweerdt [PATCH] arm build fail: vfpsingle.c
2006-09-25 Russell King [ARM] Cleanups for 4cc9bd2eaa1063c68341c1c00e66660adcfdf254
2006-09-25 Gen FUKATSU [ARM] 3789/4: Fix VFP emulation to ignore VECITR for...
2006-08-30 Daniel Jacobowitz [ARM] 3750/3: Fix double VFP emulation for EABI kernels
2006-08-27 Daniel Jacobowitz [ARM] 3758/1: Preserve signalling NaNs in conversion
2006-08-27 Daniel Jacobowitz [ARM] 3749/3: Correct VFP single/double conversion...
2006-04-25 Russell King [ARM] vfp: fix leak of VFP_NAN_FLAG into FPSCR
2006-04-10 Catalin Marinas [ARM] 3473/1: Use numbers 0-15 for the VFP double registers
2006-04-10 Catalin Marinas [ARM] 3471/1: FTOSI functions should return 0 for NaN
2005-06-29 Russell King [PATCH] ARM: Fix VFP to use do_div()
2005-04-16 Linus Torvalds Linux-2.6.12-rc2