Merge branch 'next' of git://
[linux-2.6.git] / arch / arm / plat-mxc / include / mach / mx3x.h
2010-10-11 Eric Bénard ARM: mx35: Add mx35_revision function to query the...
2010-10-11 Sascha Hauer ARM: mx3: use MX3x_ prefixed version of CHIP_REV_x
2010-01-08 Uwe Kleine-König imx: properly protect mach/mx{1,[25][157x]}.h from...
2010-01-08 Uwe Kleine-König imx: only define deprecated symbols conditionally
2009-11-23 Daniel Mack ARM: MX3: fix CPU revision number detection
2009-11-18 Uwe Kleine-König imx: add namespace prefixes for symbols in mx3x.h
2009-11-18 Uwe Kleine-König imx: reorder mx3x.h
2009-08-07 Sascha Hauer MXC gpio interrupt support: move register definitions...
2009-08-07 Sascha Hauer mxc: remove do not include directly
2009-08-07 Sascha Hauer mxc: remove ARCH_NR_GPIOS
2009-05-18 Magnus Lilja i.MX31: Add support for the CPLD on PDK Debug board.
2009-03-13 Sascha Hauer Use __force in IO_ADDRESS macro to silence sparse
2009-03-13 Sascha Hauer [ARM] MX35: Add register definitions for the i.MX35