Merge branch 'samsung/exynos5' into next/soc2
[linux-2.6.git] / arch / arm / mach-ux500 / board-mop500.h
2012-02-13 Lee Jones ARM: ux500: pass parent pointer to each platform device
2011-12-12 Linus Walleij ARM: ux500: update the MOP500 GPIO assignments
2011-12-12 Stefan Nilsson XK ARM: ux500: support SD cards on HREFv60 boards
2011-08-30 Lee Jones mach-ux500: remove most of the ugly machine_is_*()...
2011-06-23 Mathieu J. Poirier mach-ux500: Add SDI support for snowball board
2011-03-28 Bibek Basu mach-ux500: board support for AB8500 GPIO driver
2011-03-14 Linus Walleij mach-ux500: basic HREFv60 support v2
2011-03-14 Rabin Vincent mach-ux500: move MOP500 pins to separate file
2011-03-14 Philippe Langlais mach-ux500: platform data for SFH7741 proximity sensor...
2011-03-14 Sundar Iyer mach-ux500: add ST-UIB platform data
2011-03-14 Rabin Vincent mach-ux500: dynamic UIB (user interface boards) detection
2010-12-19 Sundar Iyer mach-ux500: move keymaps to new file
2010-12-08 Rabin Vincent ux500: mop500: add TC35892 and MicroSD slot support
2010-09-02 Hanumath Prasad ARM: 6335/1: ux500: mop500: register eMMC devices