fixup f21110d7 arm: tegra: whistler: Add KBC support for whistler
[linux-2.6.git] / arch / arm / mach-tegra / board-whistler.c
2011-12-01 Dan Willemsen fixup f21110d7 arm: tegra: whistler: Add KBC support...
2011-12-01 Puneet Saxena arm: tegra: whistler: Add KBC support for whistler
2011-12-01 Sumit Bhattacharya ARM: tegra: whistler: Add sound support
2011-12-01 Laxman Dewangan arm: tegra: whistler: fix console support in LP
2011-12-01 Kevin Huang arm: tegra: cardhu: Fix the issue of boot screen corrup...
2011-12-01 Jay Cheng ARM: tegra: usb: update default UTMIP phy setting
2011-12-01 Dan Willemsen fixup whistler k39
2011-12-01 Dan Willemsen ARM: tegra: Whistler K39 updates
2011-12-01 Haley Teng ARM: tegra: Modify DDC (i2c2) clock rate as 100KHz
2011-12-01 Dan Willemsen HACK: fix whistler build
2011-12-01 Sheshagiri Shenoy ARM: tegra: whistler: enable spi-slave based modem.
2011-12-01 Pradeep Goudagunta ARM: tegra: whistler: uart: Add PORT_TEGRA port type
2011-12-01 Prashant Gaikwad ARM: tegra: whistler: power down usb3 on suspend
2011-12-01 Pradeep Goudagunta arm: tegra: use debug_uartport kernel parameter
2011-12-01 Prashant Gaikwad [ARM] tegra: Enable EMC scaling
2011-12-01 Prashant Gaikwad [ARM] tegra: set pm_power_off to whistler routine
2011-12-01 Dan Willemsen merge: trivial updates resolved from upstream
2011-12-01 Seshendra Gadagottu tegra: Board specific file changes related to USB Phy...
2011-12-01 Tom Cherry [mach-tegra/whistler] Mux i2c bus i2c2
2011-12-01 Sachin Nikam [ARM] tegra: Enable LP0 support
2011-12-01 rgoyal ARM: tegra: whistler: sdmmc2 controller clock to 25MHz
2011-12-01 Raj Jayaraman [ARM] tegra: Add GPS support.
2011-12-01 Sachin Nikam [ARM] tegra: whistler: USB OTG Support
2011-12-01 Sachin Nikam [ARM] tegra: whistler: Camera sensor ov5650
2011-12-01 Dan Willemsen tegra: otg: Don't use global functions in board files
2011-12-01 rgoyal [arm/tegra] enabling bt on whistler
2011-12-01 Sachin Nikam [ARM] tegra: whistler: register scrollwheel
2011-12-01 Tom Cherry tegra: common: move pll_m initialization to common.c
2011-12-01 Sachin Nikam [ARM] tegra: whistler: registering kbc driver
2011-12-01 Sachin Nikam [ARM] tegra: registering tegra-avp device
2011-12-01 Tom Cherry tegra: whistler: memblock_reserve
2011-12-01 Tom Cherry Initial Whistler support in K36