Fix common misspellings
[linux-2.6.git] / arch / arm / mach-omap2 / omap_hwmod_2430_data.c
2011-03-31 Lucas De Marchi Fix common misspellings
2011-03-22 Paul Mundt Merge branch 'for-paul' of git://
2011-03-11 archit taneja OMAP: DSS2: Have separate irq handlers for DISPC and DSI
2011-03-11 Paul Walmsley Merge remote branch 'remotes/origin/hwmod_a_2.6.39...
2011-03-10 Avinash.H.M omap: hwmod: add syss reset done flags to omap2, omap3...
2011-03-09 Paul Walmsley OMAP2/3: VENC hwmod: add OCPIF_SWSUP_IDLE flag to interface
2011-03-03 Tony Lindgren Merge branches 'devel-iommu-mailbox', 'devel-mcbsp...
2011-03-01 Kishore Kadiyala OMAP: hwmod data: Add dev_attr and use in the host...
2011-03-01 Paul Walmsley OMAP2430: hwmod data: Add HSMMC
2011-02-28 Paul Walmsley OMAP2+: hwmod: rename some init functions
2011-02-28 Thara Gopinath OMAP2430: hwmod data: add dmtimer
2011-02-24 Charulatha V OMAP2430: hwmod data: Add McBSP
2011-02-24 Omar Ramirez Luna OMAP2: hwmod data: add mailbox data
2011-02-23 Senthilvadivu Guru... OMAP2430: hwmod data: add DSS DISPC RFBI VENC
2011-02-22 Tony Lindgren Merge branch 'for-tony' of git://
2011-02-17 Charulatha V OMAP2430: hwmod data: Add McSPI
2011-02-17 Hema HK OMAP2430: hwmod data: Add USBOTG
2010-12-22 Benoit Cousson OMAP2430: hwmod data: Use common dev_attr for i2c1...
2010-12-22 Paul Walmsley OMAP2+: wd_timer: disable on boot via hwmod postsetup...
2010-12-22 Tony Lindgren Merge branch 'devel-dma' into omap-for-linus
2010-12-21 Anand Gadiyar omap2430: hwmod: remove stray declaration
2010-12-21 G, Manjunath Kondaiah OMAP2430: hwmod data: add system DMA
2010-12-08 Varadarajan, Charu... OMAP2430: hwmod data: Add GPIO
2010-11-09 Paul Walmsley OMAP2xxx: hwmod: add I2C hwmods for OMAP2420, 2430
2010-10-01 Kevin Hilman manual merge for pm-hwmod-uart due to conflicts
2010-09-29 Kevin Hilman OMAP2/3: UART: add omap_hwmod data for UARTs 1-4
2010-09-29 Varadarajan, Charu... OMAP2430: hwmod data: Add watchdog timer
2010-07-26 Paul Walmsley OMAP2: hwmod data: add IVA1 (2420), IVA2 (2430) hwmods
2010-07-26 Kevin Hilman OMAP2&3: hwmod: Replace l3 -> l3_main
2010-07-26 Benoit Cousson OMAP2&3: hwmod: Remove _hwmod prefix in name string
2010-07-26 Kevin Hilman OMAP2/3: hwmod: L3 and L4 CORE/PER/WKUP hwmods don...
2010-05-20 Benoit Cousson OMAP: hwmod: Rename hwmod name for the MPU
2010-02-25 Paul Walmsley OMAP hwmod: add hwmod class support
2010-02-24 Paul Walmsley OMAP hwmod: convert header files with static allocation...