Merge branch 'devel' of
[linux-2.6.git] / arch / arm / mach-mx3 / mx31pdk.c
2009-08-07 Sascha Hauer mxc: turn to soc specific init_irq functions
2009-05-19 Magnus Lilja i.MX31: Add support for LAN9217 on PDK debug board.
2009-05-18 Magnus Lilja i.MX31: Add support for the CPLD on PDK Debug board.
2009-05-16 Magnus Lilja i.MX31: Restructure UART setup for PDK board.
2009-05-07 Sascha Hauer MXC: rename mxc_map_io to architecture specific versions
2009-03-13 Sascha Hauer [ARM] MX31: Move static virtual mappings of AIPS1/2...
2009-03-13 Valentin Longchamp mx31pdk: use of new iomux implementation
2009-03-13 Sascha Hauer [ARM] MXC: rework timer/clock initialisation
2008-12-16 Fabio Estevam Add basic support for MX31PDK board.