USB: Fix a bug on appledisplay.c regarding signedness
[linux-2.6.git] / arch / arm / mach-lh7a40x /
2009-12-13 Russell King ARM: fix lh7a40x build
2009-12-04 André Goddard Rosa tree-wide: fix assorted typos all over the place
2009-03-19 Russell King [ARM] pass reboot command line to arch_reset()
2009-01-06 Kay Sievers arm: struct device - replace bus_id with dev_name(...
2008-11-30 Russell King Merge branch 'clks' into devel
2008-11-30 Russell King [ARM] lh7a40x: convert to simple clk API
2008-11-30 Russell King [ARM] lh7a40x: clocks - cleanup
2008-11-30 Russell King [ARM] Add a common typesafe __io implementation
2008-11-28 Russell King [ARM] lh7a40x: avoid polluting the kernel's namespace
2008-11-28 Nicolas Pitre [ARM] remove a common set of __virt_to_bus definitions
2008-10-09 Russell King Merge branch 'pxa-all' into devel
2008-10-09 Dmitry Baryshkov [ARM] 5298/1: Drop desc_handle_irq()
2008-10-01 Russell King [ARM] mm: allow LH7A40x to use sparsemem
2008-09-06 Russell King [ARM] Convert asm/io.h to linux/io.h
2008-08-16 Adrian Bunk [ARM] 5191/1: ARM: remove CVS keywords
2008-08-07 Russell King [ARM] Move include/asm-arm/arch-* to arch/arm/*/include...
2008-08-07 Russell King [ARM] Remove asm/hardware.h, use asm/arch/hardware...
2008-04-20 Russell King [ARM] fix lh7a40x/kev7a400 build
2008-01-28 Russell King [ARM] Fix timer damage from d3d74453c34f8fd87674a8cf5b8...
2007-05-20 Simon Arlott [ARM] spelling fixes
2007-05-08 Bernhard Walle Add IRQF_IRQPOLL flag on arm
2007-04-21 Russell King [ARM] Remove needless linux/ptrace.h includes
2006-12-07 Linus Torvalds Merge branch 'for-linus' of /home/rmk/linux-2.6-arm
2006-11-30 Russell King [ARM] Remove compatibility layer for ARM irqs
2006-11-30 Matt LaPlante Fix misc Kconfig typos
2006-10-24 Russell King [ARM] Comment out missing configuration symbols
2006-10-20 Adrian Bunk [PATCH] one more ARM IRQ fix
2006-10-06 Linus Torvalds Initial blind fixup for arm for irq changes
2006-10-04 Dave Jones Remove all inclusions of <linux/config.h>
2006-10-03 Matt LaPlante Attack of "the the"s in arch
2006-08-01 David Brownell [ARM] 3739/1: genirq updates: irq_chip, add and use...
2006-07-03 Thomas Gleixner [PATCH] ARM: fixup irqflags breakage after ARM genirq...
2006-07-01 Thomas Gleixner [ARM] 3700/1: ARM: Convert lh7a40x to generic irq handling
2006-06-30 Jörn Engel Remove obsolete #include <linux/config.h>
2006-06-18 Marc Singer [ARM] 3405/1: lpd7a40x: CPLD ssp driver
2006-06-18 Marc Singer [ARM] 3404/1: lpd7a40x: AMBA CLCD support
2006-06-18 Marc Singer [ARM] 3401/1: lpd7a40x: platform update
2006-06-18 Marc Singer [ARM] 3400/1: lpd7a40x: platform headers update
2006-03-21 Russell King [ARM] Remove asm/arch/irq.h
2006-01-13 Nicolas Pitre [ARM] 3260/1: remove phys_ram from struct machine_desc...
2005-10-29 Russell King Create platform_device.h to contain all the platform...
2005-10-28 Deepak Saxena [ARM] 2986/1: Replace map_desc.physical with map_desc...
2005-09-04 Russell King [ARM] Wrap calls to descriptor handlers
2005-07-03 Russell King [PATCH] ARM: Remove machine description macros
2005-06-26 Russell King [PATCH] ARM: Add SA_TIMER flag to timer interrupts
2005-04-16 Linus Torvalds Linux-2.6.12-rc2