Revert "Merge commit 'main-jb-2012.08.03-B4' into t114-0806"
[linux-2.6.git] / arch / arm / kernel / devtree.c
2012-08-09 Varun Wadekar Revert "Merge commit 'main-jb-2012.08.03-B4' into t114...
2012-08-09 Varun Wadekar Revert "Fix compilation errors due to merge"
2012-08-07 Pradeep Kumar Fix compilation errors due to merge
2012-08-07 Pradeep Kumar Merge commit 'main-jb-2012.08.03-B4' into t114-0806
2011-10-31 Paul Gortmaker arm: convert core files from module.h to export.h
2011-07-28 Grant Likely irq: add irq_domain translation infrastructure
2011-06-09 Nicolas Pitre ARM: 6953/1: DT: don't try to access physical address...
2011-05-23 Grant Likely arm/dt: probe for platforms via the device tree
2011-05-11 Grant Likely arm/dt: Allow CONFIG_OF on ARM