Kernel: Audit Support For The ARM Platform
[linux-2.6.git] / arch / arm / include / asm / ptrace.h
2012-01-17 Nathaniel Husted Kernel: Audit Support For The ARM Platform
2011-07-13 Jon Medhurst ARM: ptrace: Add APSR_MASK definition to ptrace.h
2011-07-13 Jon Medhurst ARM: Thumb-2: Support Thumb-2 in undefined instruction...
2011-05-14 Dave Martin ARM: 6883/1: ptrace: Migrate to regsets framework
2011-02-23 Will Deacon ARM: 6668/1: ptrace: remove single-step emulation code
2010-09-08 Will Deacon ARM: 6357/1: hw-breakpoint: add new ptrace requests...
2010-08-15 Russell King ARM: Tighten check for allowable CPSR values
2010-07-09 Will Deacon ARM: 6199/1: Add kprobe-based event tracer
2010-03-12 Christoph Hellwig arm: use generic ptrace_resume code
2010-01-08 Jamie Iles ARM: 5866/1: arm ptrace: use unsigned types for kernel...
2009-07-24 Paul Brook nommu: ptrace support
2009-05-30 Catalin Marinas Add core support for ARMv6/v7 big-endian
2009-05-30 Catalin Marinas Clear the IT state when invoking a Thumb-2 signal handler
2009-02-12 Catalin Marinas [ARM] 5387/1: Add ptrace VFP support on ARM
2008-09-06 Russell King [ARM] remove pc_pointer()
2008-08-02 Russell King [ARM] move include/asm-arm to arch/arm/include/asm