asus-laptop: set the right paths in the documentation
[linux-2.6.git] / Documentation / networking / README.ipw2200
2008-10-31 Tim Gardner ipw2x00: change default policy for auto-associate
2006-04-24 Zhu Yi [PATCH] ipw2200: update version stamp to 1.1.2
2006-04-24 Zhu Yi [PATCH] README.ipw2200: rename CONFIG_IPW_DEBUG to...
2006-03-17 Zhu Yi [PATCH] ipw2x00: expend Copyright to 2006
2006-03-17 Olivier Hochreutiner [PATCH] ipw2200: wireless extension sensitivity thresho...
2006-03-17 Henrik Brix Andersen [PATCH] ipw2200: print geography code upon module load
2005-11-08 James Ketrenos Updated READMEs and MAINTAINERS for the ipw2100 and...
2005-05-28 James Ketrenos Add ipw2200 wireless driver.