Merge branch 'tracing-fixes-for-linus' of git://
[linux-2.6.git] / Documentation / cpusets.txt
2008-10-20 Matt Helsley container freezer: document the cgroup freezer subsystem.
2008-09-13 Li Zefan cpuset: hotplug documentation fix
2008-07-04 Paul Jackson doc: document the relax_domain_level kernel boot argument
2008-07-04 Paul Jackson cpusets: document proc status cpus and mems allowed...
2008-06-19 Li Zefan cpuset: limit the input of cpuset.sched_relax_domain_level
2008-06-06 Miao Xie cpusets: fix and update Documentation
2008-04-29 Paul Menage Cpuset hardwall flag: add a mem_hardwall flag to cpusets
2008-04-19 Hidetoshi Seto sched, cpuset: customize sched domains, docs
2008-02-24 KOSAKI Motohiro cpuset: trivial documentation fix s/N_MEMORY/N_HIGH_MEMORY/
2008-02-07 Paul Jackson cpusets: update_cpumask documentation fix
2007-10-19 Paul Jackson cpuset sched_load_balance flag
2007-10-19 Paul Menage Task Control Groups: make cpusets a client of cgroups
2007-10-16 Paul Jackson cpuset: remove sched domain hooks from cpusets
2007-10-16 Christoph Lameter Memoryless nodes: Use N_HIGH_MEMORY for cpusets
2007-04-02 Simon Horman [PATCH] CPUSETS: add mems to basic usage documentation
2006-09-29 Paul Jackson [PATCH] cpuset: top_cpuset tracks hotplug changes to...
2006-08-27 Paul Jackson [PATCH] cpuset: top_cpuset tracks hotplug changes to...
2006-03-24 Paul Jackson [PATCH] cpuset memory spread basic implementation
2006-03-15 Christoph Lameter [PATCH] Page migration documentation update
2006-01-11 Paul Jackson cpuset two little doc fixes
2006-01-09 Paul Jackson [PATCH] cpuset: remove marker_pid documentation
2006-01-09 Paul Jackson [PATCH] cpuset: document additional features
2006-01-09 Paul Jackson [PATCH] cpusets: swap migration interface
2005-10-31 Jean Delvare [PATCH] Typo fix: explictly -> explicitly
2005-09-10 Tobias Klauser [PATCH] Spelling fixes for Documentation/
2005-09-07 Paul Jackson [PATCH] cpusets: formalize intermediate GFP_KERNEL...
2005-06-25 Dinakar Guniguntala [PATCH] Dynamic sched domains: cpuset changes
2005-05-20 Paul Jackson [PATCH] cpusets+hotplug+preepmt broken
2005-04-16 Linus Torvalds Linux-2.6.12-rc2