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[linux-2.6.git] / Documentation / PCI
2009-09-09 Mike Mason PCI: document PCIe fundamental reset interfaces
2009-06-16 Huang Ying PCI AER: software error injection
2009-06-16 Zhang, Yanmin PCI AER: support invalid error source IDs
2009-06-16 Huang Ying PCI: PCIE AER: Document for PCIE AER software error...
2009-03-20 Michael Ellerman PCI MSI: Add example request loop to MSI-HOWTO.txt
2009-03-20 Yu Zhao PCI: manual for SR-IOV user and driver developer
2009-03-20 Matthew Wilcox PCI MSI: Add support for multiple MSI
2009-03-20 Matthew Wilcox Rewrite MSI-HOWTO
2009-02-13 Alex Chiang PCI: Documentation: fix minor PCIe HOWTO thinko
2009-01-07 Ben Hutchings PCI: Add pci_clear_master() as opposite of pci_set_master()
2008-11-14 Randy Dunlap Create/use more directory structure in the Documentatio...
2008-10-20 Yu Zhao PCI: fix AER capability check
2008-10-20 Jean Delvare PCI: Check dynids driver_data value for validity
2008-04-21 Randy Dunlap PCI: doc/pci: create Documentation/PCI/ and move files...