Reduce logging, dump stacks before wtf().
[android/platform/packages/providers/DownloadProvider.git] / src / com / android / providers / downloads /
2013-03-25 Jeff Sharkey Reduce logging, dump stacks before wtf().
2013-03-21 Jeff Sharkey Increase timeout for domains with many DNS entries.
2013-02-26 Jeff Sharkey Adjust timeouts to reduce false-positive bugs.
2013-02-21 Jeff Sharkey Ack, we actually need to UpdateThread.quit().
2013-02-20 Jeff Sharkey Only use single UpdateThread.
2013-02-20 Jeff Sharkey Only report speeds from full samples windows.
2013-02-13 Jeff Sharkey Redesign of DownloadManager update loop.
2013-01-29 Jeff Sharkey Cleaner thread management, less global state.
2013-01-08 Jeff Sharkey Clean up DownloadManager threading tests.
2013-01-05 Jeff Sharkey Remove singleton StorageManager.
2012-12-13 Jeff Sharkey Cancel stale notifications when starting.
2012-11-15 Jeff Sharkey Show remaining time in download notifications.
2012-11-09 Jeff Sharkey Rewrite of download notifications.
2012-10-05 Jeff Sharkey Skip scanning a file which will be deleted.
2012-07-25 Jeff Sharkey Move notification tests to LittleMock.
2012-07-20 Jeff Sharkey Reduce deletion logging.
2012-04-20 Jeff Sharkey More slogging around download deletion.
2012-04-13 Jeff Sharkey Locking around downloads, and more dump info.
2011-10-18 Doug Zongker log when DownloadManager deletes files
2011-10-11 Doug Zongker log when DownloadManager deletes files
2011-04-28 Jeff Sharkey Output DownloadInfo state in Service.dump()
2011-03-10 Vasu Nori (master) bug:3204324 allow no more than certain number...
2011-03-02 Vasu Nori remove log spew from downloadmanager
2011-02-09 Vasu Nori bug:3435895 listen to media_mounted broadcast intent
2011-01-22 Vasu Nori bug:3048327 (master) ability to add completed download...
2010-12-23 Vasu Nori bug:3286430 set quota on downloads data dir
2010-12-14 Vasu Nori Download dir: /data/data/
2010-12-03 Vasu Nori (GB/GBMR) (do not merge) delete file from disk when...
2010-11-09 Vasu Nori if any exceptions encountered while trimming downloads...
2010-10-29 Vasu Nori make sure filename is non-null before delting it.
2010-10-27 Vasu Nori reduce number of times mediascanner is invoked by downl...
2010-10-20 Vasu Nori remove usage of hidden public constants.
2010-10-15 Vasu Nori bug:3099994 NPE in DownloadManager when deleting non...
2010-10-13 Vasu Nori bug:3069735 in Download UI app, handle deletes correctly
2010-09-30 Steve Howard Improve how the download manager reports paused statuses.
2010-09-28 Brad Fitzpatrick Trim the database ...
2010-09-20 Steve Howard Fix notification bugs, cleanup DownloadService + Downlo...
2010-09-15 Steve Howard New URI structure with "my_downloads" and "all_downloads"
2010-08-21 Steve Howard Add UI message when queued for wifi due to size.
2010-07-27 Steve Howard Serialize threading for download manager testing.
2010-07-24 Steve Howard Stub out and test system notifications.
2010-07-22 Steve Howard Public API support for broadcasts and connectivity...
2010-07-20 Steve Howard Fix bug with deciding when to restart a download.
2010-07-19 Steve Howard Support for max download size that may go over mobile
2010-07-15 Steve Howard Introduce a seam to ConnectivityManager and TelephonyMa...
2010-07-15 Steve Howard Support for custom HTTP headers on download requests
2010-07-01 Steve Howard Stub out the system clock in the download manager,...
2010-01-22 Leon Scroggins Revert "Download files even if there is no activity...
2010-01-21 Leon Scroggins Download files even if there is no activity to launch...
2010-01-15 Jean-Baptiste Queru Use the private legacy API
2009-11-13 Jean-Baptiste Queru eclair snapshot tegra-9.12.5 tegra-9.12.5-baseline tegra-9.12.6 tegra-9.12.6-baseline
2009-09-24 Jean-Baptiste Queru Remove unnecessary logging
2009-09-23 Jean-Baptiste Queru Log the service being launched
2009-09-22 Jean-Baptiste Queru Add a bit more logging to track down network state...
2009-03-17 Jean-Baptiste Queru Merge commit 'remotes/korg/cupcake' into merge
2009-03-04 The Android Open... auto import from //depot/cupcake/@135843
2009-03-04 The Android Open... auto import from //depot/cupcake/@135843
2009-02-19 The Android Open... auto import from //branches/cupcake/...@132276
2009-01-21 Jean-Baptiste Queru Use the new download manager APIs introduced in change...
2009-01-20 Jean-Baptiste Queru Match the official code style guide.
2008-12-18 The Android Open... Code drop from //branches/cupcake/...@124589
2008-10-21 The Android Open... Initial Contribution