merge in gingerbread-release history after reset to gingerbread
[android/platform/packages/apps/Tag.git] / tests /
2010-10-27 Jason parks Switch to a simpler storage model.
2010-10-22 Nick Pelly Update Tag app for new Tag mock constructors.
2010-10-22 Jeff Hamilton Fix the build.
2010-10-22 Jason parks Add a test to test the ordinal assignment of messages...
2010-10-20 Nick Kralevich delete vcard support. Relies on private APIs
2010-10-19 Nick Kralevich initial vcard support.
2010-10-19 Nick Kralevich add TextRecord.newTextRecord() to create an Ndef Text...
2010-10-19 Nick Kralevich initial support for MIME ndef objects.
2010-10-19 Nick Kralevich get unittests working again.
2010-10-18 Jeff Hamilton Fix the build.
2010-10-18 Jeff Hamilton Import the NFC tag app.