Fix "manage-conference" button layout.
[android/platform/packages/apps/Phone.git] / tests /
2011-08-30 David Brown Fix a bunch of STOPSHIP comments, mostly about PII...
2011-06-22 David Brown Use constants for URI schemes
2011-01-06 Eric Fischer Import translations for additional languages.
2010-11-01 David Brown Handle CALL intent gracefully on non-voice-capable...
2010-10-25 David Brown Move OtaspTestActivity into the "tests" package
2010-10-22 David Brown Add CALL/DIAL test activity.
2010-10-22 David Brown Mark test strings as non-translatable
2010-03-18 Kenny Root Import revised translations
2010-03-04 Eric Fischer Import new translations
2010-02-27 Eric Fischer Import new translations.
2009-12-08 Nicolas Catania New package with unit tests for the phone app.