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2012-03-23 Daisuke Miyakawa Merge "Disable preferences until appropriate data are...
2012-03-23 Daisuke Miyakawa Disable preferences until appropriate data are loaded
2012-03-23 Daisuke Miyakawa Merge "Specify class for CallerInfo update Intent"
2012-03-23 Daisuke Miyakawa A bunch of cleanups around "additional settings"
2012-03-23 Daisuke Miyakawa Specify class for CallerInfo update Intent
2012-03-22 Daisuke Miyakawa Tiny cleanup around respond-via-sms
2012-03-22 Daisuke Miyakawa Merge "Explicitly specify when PokeLock is effective"
2012-03-22 Daisuke Miyakawa Explicitly specify when PokeLock is effective
2012-03-22 Daisuke Miyakawa Merge "Use on/off loudspeaker icons in in-call screen"
2012-03-22 Daisuke Miyakawa Use on/off loudspeaker icons in in-call screen
2012-03-21 Daisuke Miyakawa Merge "Use partial wake lock during refreshing the...
2012-03-21 Daisuke Miyakawa Use partial wake lock during refreshing the cache
2012-03-21 Tom Taylor Merge ""Respond via SMS": Non-secure keyguard bogusly...
2012-03-20 Daisuke Miyakawa Enable verbose logging.
2012-03-20 Tom Taylor "Respond via SMS": Non-secure keyguard bogusly appears...
2012-03-20 Daisuke Miyakawa Merge "Introduce fallback cache for ringtone/send-to-vm"
2012-03-20 Daisuke Miyakawa Show dialpad when we're sure it is voicemail request
2012-03-20 Daisuke Miyakawa Introduce fallback cache for ringtone/send-to-vm
2012-03-19 Daisuke Miyakawa Merge "Delay releasing UpdateLock when screen is in...
2012-03-19 Daisuke Miyakawa Delay releasing UpdateLock when screen is in foreground
2012-03-19 Daisuke Miyakawa Use the latest dialpad pattern in emergency dialer
2012-03-19 Daisuke Miyakawa Call emergency number just once.
2012-03-14 Daisuke Miyakawa Fix obvious message leak.
2012-03-13 David Brown Fix typo in javadoc on Fade.hide().
2012-03-13 Daisuke Miyakawa Misc cleanup for CallNotifier
2012-03-08 Daisuke Miyakawa Merge "Keep quick-response popup even after incoming...
2012-03-07 Daisuke Miyakawa Keep quick-response popup even after incoming call...
2012-03-06 Daisuke Miyakawa Allow user to bring up DTMF dialpad when tone is not...
2012-03-06 Daisuke Miyakawa Merge "Introduce fade-in/out animation for elapsed...
2012-03-06 Daisuke Miyakawa Introduce fade-in/out animation for elapsed time TextView
2012-03-06 Daisuke Miyakawa Use UpdateLock
2012-03-02 Daisuke Miyakawa Introduce better animation for incoming-call widget
2012-03-01 Daisuke Miyakawa Merge "Introduce AnimationUtils"
2012-03-01 Daisuke Miyakawa Introduce AnimationUtils
2012-02-29 Daisuke Miyakawa Stub out extrabutton row. do not submit
2012-02-29 Daisuke Miyakawa Merge "Sort out CallCard layout."
2012-02-28 Jean-Baptiste Queru am 433786d7: am 123f2afb: am ea937df6: Merge "Phone...
2012-02-28 Jean-Baptiste Queru am ea937df6: Merge "Phone: Display Short Name/MCCMNC...
2012-02-28 Daisuke Miyakawa Sort out CallCard layout.
2012-02-28 Daisuke Miyakawa Merge "Remove"
2012-02-28 Daisuke Miyakawa Merge "Comment out widgets around social update"
2012-02-28 Daisuke Miyakawa Remove
2012-02-28 Daisuke Miyakawa Comment out widgets around social update
2012-02-28 Daisuke Miyakawa Stop inflating DTMF dialpad when not needed
2012-02-28 Daisuke Miyakawa Merge "Remove a bunch of unnecessary resources."
2012-02-27 Daisuke Miyakawa Prevent incoming-call widget from hiding itself.
2012-02-27 Daisuke Miyakawa Remove unnecessary View objects from in-call screen
2012-02-27 Daisuke Miyakawa Merge "Sort out OutgoingCallBroadcaster, again."
2012-02-27 Daisuke Miyakawa Merge "Introduce fade-in animation for contact photo."
2012-02-27 Daisuke Miyakawa Introduce fade-in animation for contact photo.
2012-02-27 Daisuke Miyakawa Merge "Add verbose logging for button state"
2012-02-27 Daisuke Miyakawa Remove a bunch of unnecessary resources.
2012-02-27 Daisuke Miyakawa Sort out OutgoingCallBroadcaster, again.
2012-02-25 Daisuke Miyakawa Add verbose logging for button state
2012-02-25 Daisuke Miyakawa Add verbose logging for IncomingCallWidget
2012-02-24 Robert Greenwalt Merge "Use the framework rather than the RIL constants"
2012-02-23 Mindy Pereira am 0a717aa6: am 08916cba: am 4bf466a6: Setup a flag...
2012-02-23 David Brown am dd628ee2: am f21e8f25: am fcdab673: Merge "Fix in...
2012-02-23 Daisuke Miyakawa Merge "Stop updating the whole screen on onPause()"
2012-02-23 Daisuke Miyakawa Stop updating the whole screen on onPause()
2012-02-22 Daisuke Miyakawa Copy two settings from Settings package
2012-02-22 Daisuke Miyakawa Move ContactsAsyncHelper from framework to Phone package
2012-02-17 Robert Greenwalt Use the framework rather than the RIL constants
2012-02-17 Mindy Pereira am 08916cba: am 4bf466a6: Setup a flag to detect when...
2012-02-17 Mindy Pereira am 4bf466a6: Setup a flag to detect when the screen...
2012-02-17 Mindy Pereira Setup a flag to detect when the screen is on and we...
2012-02-17 David Brown am f21e8f25: am fcdab673: Merge "Fix in-call notificati...
2012-02-17 David Brown am fcdab673: Merge "Fix in-call notification icon flick...
2012-02-17 Daisuke Miyakawa resolved conflicts for merge of ec85aeb5 to master
2012-02-17 David Brown Merge "Fix in-call notification icon flicker when scree...
2012-02-17 David Brown Fix in-call notification icon flicker when screen goes...
2012-02-17 Daisuke Miyakawa am 73031492: Introduce vibration options for voicemail...
2012-02-16 Daisuke Miyakawa Introduce vibration options for voicemail notification
2012-02-15 Daisuke Miyakawa Strip FDN phone numbers before sending it to IccProvider
2012-02-15 Daisuke Miyakawa Very tiny clean up.
2012-02-15 Daisuke Miyakawa A bunch of clean-up
2012-02-14 Daisuke Miyakawa am 4094a435: am 1738002f: am 40dcd14a: Disable horizont...
2012-02-14 Daisuke Miyakawa am 40dcd14a: Disable horizontal detection during phone...
2012-02-14 Daisuke Miyakawa Disable horizontal detection during phone call
2012-02-14 Daisuke Miyakawa Make out-going broadcast show "wait" screen for a moment
2012-02-14 Daisuke Miyakawa Correctly hide in-call panel when dialpad is shown
2012-02-14 Daisuke Miyakawa am 1a801f5e: am d8baa6f8: Correctly hide in-call panel...
2012-02-14 Daisuke Miyakawa am d8baa6f8: Correctly hide in-call panel when dialpad...
2012-02-13 Daisuke Miyakawa Correctly hide in-call panel when dialpad is shown
2012-02-13 Daisuke Miyakawa Show in-call controlls during hiding animation
2012-02-08 Daisuke Miyakawa Allow PERFORM_CDMA_PROVISIONING without a pending intent
2012-02-03 Daisuke Miyakawa Integrate gateway provider info with call card
2012-02-02 Daisuke Miyakawa Use a new flag forcing foreground broadcasts.
2012-02-01 Daisuke Miyakawa Merge "Add additional logs for exceptional cases."
2012-02-01 Daisuke Miyakawa Add additional logs for exceptional cases.
2012-02-01 Daisuke Miyakawa Merge "Rename Settings to MobileNetworkSettings"
2012-02-01 Daisuke Miyakawa Add "Phone ringtone" link to Call settings
2012-02-01 Daisuke Miyakawa Rename Settings to MobileNetworkSettings
2012-01-24 Daisuke Miyakawa Use appropriate API for setting dialog icons
2012-01-24 Daisuke Miyakawa Turn off speaker mode when the first phone call is...
2012-01-24 Daisuke Miyakawa Better visibility handling around dialpad.
2012-01-23 Daisuke Miyakawa Merge "Add comments for CallFeaturesSetting"
2012-01-23 Daisuke Miyakawa Add comments for CallFeaturesSetting
2012-01-23 Daisuke Miyakawa Merge "Bunch of cleanups"
2012-01-23 Geremy Condra Prevent DTMFTwelveKeyDialer from logging all keypresses.