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[android/platform/packages/apps/Phone.git] / res / drawable-xhdpi /
2012-10-12 Jason Chen Let's enhance
2012-05-10 Daisuke Miyakawa Use new assets for "manage conferece" screen
2012-05-10 Daisuke Miyakawa Use shape for activated state
2012-05-07 Daisuke Miyakawa Merge "Introduce new assets for end-call button" into...
2012-05-04 Daisuke Miyakawa Introduce new assets for end-call button
2012-05-03 Daisuke Miyakawa Use new assets for notifications
2012-04-30 Daisuke Miyakawa Remove unnecessary resources
2012-04-10 Daisuke Miyakawa Implement new JB wonder-notifications for missed calls
2012-03-30 Daisuke Miyakawa Cleanup unused resources
2012-03-19 Daisuke Miyakawa Use the latest dialpad pattern in emergency dialer
2012-03-01 Daisuke Miyakawa Have vertical separators between bottom buttons.
2012-02-05 Daisuke Miyakawa Remuve unused assets
2012-01-06 Daisuke Miyakawa Remove BT specific icons for phone notifications
2011-11-17 Justin Ho Update SIP icon to match new Phone icon
2011-10-19 Daisuke Miyakawa Use correct assets for dial_1 and dial_0 buttons
2011-10-11 Daisuke Miyakawa Use correct icons in voice mail settings
2011-10-05 Peter Ng Updated phone stat_sys icons and other various assets
2011-10-03 Daisuke Miyakawa Merge "Update assets for conference/3-way calls"
2011-09-30 Peter Ng Roboto now baked into dial numbers
2011-09-29 Daisuke Miyakawa Update assets for conference/3-way calls
2011-09-14 Daisuke Miyakawa Merge "Use system assets on dialpad"
2011-09-14 Daisuke Miyakawa Use system assets on dialpad
2011-09-14 Katherine Kuan Swap default avatar asset
2011-09-12 Justin Ho Updated Phone launcher icon
2011-09-09 Daisuke Miyakawa Update assets. Rename some of them for consistency
2011-09-08 Daisuke Miyakawa Use new assets
2011-09-01 Justin Ho Unused assets removed from Phone
2011-08-31 David Brown In-call audio mode control redesign
2011-08-30 David Brown In-call UI buttons: use new "toggle" style
2011-08-15 Daisuke Miyakawa Update assets
2011-08-15 Daisuke Miyakawa Update assets for in-call screen
2011-08-14 Daisuke Miyakawa Emergency Dialer pixel perfect
2011-08-01 Daisuke Miyakawa Remove all unnecessary assets
2011-07-22 David Brown Fix GSM conference call mode and the "Manage conference...
2011-07-21 Daisuke Miyakawa Update assets
2011-07-21 Daisuke Miyakawa remove unnecessary assets
2011-07-21 David Brown Merge "Clean up dead code that originally supported...
2011-07-20 Justin Ho Updated dialer assets
2011-07-20 David Brown Clean up dead code that originally supported non-prox...
2011-07-18 David Brown Integrate new "merge" asset
2011-07-16 David Brown In-call UI: asset / layout updates
2011-07-15 David Brown In-call UI: update touch controls to match latest mocks
2011-07-13 Daisuke Miyakawa Remove unnecessary assets
2011-07-13 Daisuke Miyakawa Update assets.
2011-07-12 Daisuke Miyakawa Update assets.
2011-06-28 David Brown Integrate new incoming call "handle" asset