last changeMon, 15 Nov 2010 17:53:23 +0000
2010-11-15 Rahul Bansal [wifi/atheros] WOW support in Atheros driver. master tegra-10.9.5 tegra-10.9.6 tegra-10.9.7 tegra-10.9.8 tegra-10.9.9
2010-08-12 Rahul Bansal [3rdparty/atheros] Enabling SLEEP with WOW mode. tegra-10.8.2 tegra-10.8.3 tegra-10.9.1 tegra-10.9.2 tegra-10.9.3 tegra-10.9.4
2010-07-11 Uday Raval atheros: fix build break in gnulinux build tegra-10.7.1 tegra-10.7.2 tegra-10.8.1
2010-07-10 Rahul Bansal [3rdparty/atheros] integrating driver
2010-06-22 Sachin Nikam atheros: fix compilation errors tegra-10.7.1-ER tegra-9.12.15
2010-05-18 Gary King [ar6000] update atheros driver to 2.6.31 and newer... eclair-9.12.13 tegra-9.12.13 tegra- tegra-9.12.14
2010-05-12 rgoyal [3rdparty/atheros.git] Add rules to vendor/atheros... tegra-9.12.12
2010-04-05 rgoyal [ar6002/abtfilt] correcting add/remove event handling... tegra-9.12.11
2010-04-02 rgoyal Atheros_Tools: Adding to build required...
2010-03-11 Gary King [ar6002] set SLEEP as default mode on wifi suspend...
2010-03-11 Gary King [ar6002] return 0 for unimplemented SIOCSIWPRIV ioctl
2010-03-11 Gary King [ar6002] configure a2dp params so that a2dp works on...
2010-03-11 Gary King [ar6002] add power management support
2010-03-11 Gary King [ar6002] move target files to hw/wlan subdirectory...
2010-03-11 Gary King [ar6002] remove verbose status prints
2010-03-11 Gary King [ar6002] add android-specific start, stop rssi ioctl
7 years ago tegra-10.9.9 NVIDIA 10.9.9 release
7 years ago tegra-10.9.8 NVIDIA 10.9.8 release
7 years ago tegra-10.9.7 NVIDIA 10.9.7 release
7 years ago tegra-10.9.6 NVIDIA 10.9.6 release
7 years ago tegra-10.9.5 NVIDIA 10.9.5 release
7 years ago tegra-10.9.4 NVIDIA 10.9.4 release
7 years ago tegra-10.9.3 NVIDIA 10.9.3 release
7 years ago tegra-10.9.2 NVIDIA 10.9.2 release
7 years ago tegra-10.9.1 NVIDIA 10.9.1 release
7 years ago tegra-10.8.3 NVIDIA 10.8.3 release
7 years ago tegra-10.8.2 NVIDIA 10.8.2 release
7 years ago tegra-10.8.1 NVIDIA 2010.8.1 release
7 years ago tegra-10.7.2 NVIDIA 2010.7.2 release
7 years ago tegra-10.7.1 NVIDIA 2010.7.1 release
7 years ago tegra-10.7.1-ER NVIDIA 2010.7.1 engineering release
7 years ago tegra-9.12.15 NVIDIA 2009.12.15 release
7 years ago master
8 years ago eclair-9.12.13